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High level overview of Cloud Foundry - Open Source Platform as a Service technology, community and path to open governance


  • 2011 IBM Corporation Cloud Foundry Christopher Ferris, IBM Distinguished Engineer, CTO Cloud Interoperability @christo4ferris
  • 2 Cloud Services for Mobile in Minutes IBM Codename: BlueMix Mobile Services Join the open beta Push Create and schedule push notifications for iOS and Android devices to engage users when they arent using the app. User tagging enables the user to select desired push topics. Server-side Code Host mobile and web applications and accelerate development time of server side scripts by leveraging the mobile app template and SDK. Powered by Node.js Mobile Application Security Provides a basic app security framework - enabling the developer to block access to apps on specific devices. Mobile Data Enhance your mobile apps through simple to use SDKs to save shared data in a scalable, managed database as a service. Powered by Cloudant. Mobile Quality Assurance Instrument apps to capture tester and live-user experiences, including context-aware crash log and in-app bug reports, in-app user feedback and insightful and metrics. Shared Mobile Backend with Data and Security (SDKs for iOS, Android and JavaScript) Promote customer engagement, quality, and feedback
  • 3 IBM Bluemix provides Composable Services Development Environment Runtime on the go The developer can chose any language runtime or bring their own. Just upload your code and go. DevOps Development, testing, monitoring, deployment and logging tools allow the developer to run the entire application APIs and Services A catalog of open source, IBM and third party APIs services allow a developer to stitch together an application in minutes. Cloud Integration Build hybrid environments. Connect to on- premises systems of record plus other public and private clouds. Expose your own APIs to your developers. Extend SaaS Apps Drop in SaaS App SDKs and extend to new use cases (e.g,. Mobile, Analytics, Web) !
  • 2011 IBM Corporation Why Cloud Foundry
  • 5 On Being a Developer Shamelessly plagiarized from Dr Nic Willims
  • 6 Developers can focus on development and not infrastructure plumbing Separate the concerns of AppDev and Operations Eliminate the bottleneck of provisioning and deployment processes The Need for an Application Centric Layer
  • 7 Agile Composition and Continuous Delivery 6 5 4 3 2 Create app Add database service Extract social media data into database Add social analy;cs service Add Monitoring service instance Secure the service 1 ITERATE TASK: Create a secure application that analyses sentiment about certain topics in social media
  • 8 Why Cloud Foundry? Deploy in seconds not weeks or months No need to talk to anyone else Polyglot runtimes Java, Node.js, Ruby, Python, Go, PHP, Easily integrate internal and 3rd party services/APIs Open Source runtime platform IaaS independent runs in the cloud or on-premise
  • 9 Background Early 2011: Open Source effort initiated by VMware Focused on addressing the cloud market beyond IaaS April 2013: Pivotal created from EMC & VMware around SW and OSS assets including Cloud Foundry, Rabbit, Spring, November 2013: Pivotal CF, commercial version of Cloud Foundry released February 2014: IBM announces BlueMix, making use of Cloud Foundry 2014 and beyond: Rapidly growing ecosystem of OpenSource contributors, consulting companies & commercial, value-add ISVs
  • 2011 IBM Corporation Building a Vibrant Community
  • 11 Who is using Cloud Foundry?
  • 12 Fostering the Cloud Foundry community TOTAL CONTRIBUTORS LINES OF CODE PULL REQ / WK COMPANIES 1,274 Average per month 2013 average: 133 12mo average: 98 Lifetime average: 58 711k 50+ 43 COMMUNITY PRIORITIES Establish a Cloud Foundry Governance Structure Name an advisory board of 5-8 founding members Expand the governance structure to support the broad partner ecosystem Increase transparency Enable and encourage participation Feedback on the Cloud Foundry roadmap Advise on daily operations, community assets Guidance on the Cloud Foundry charter: scope, definition of cloud profiles Planning for semi-annual Platform Conference ADVISORY BOARD MEMBERS ADVISORY BOARD 9 IBM, Piston, CenturyLink, Intel, ActiveState, CloudCredo, Stark & Wayne, Canonical The open platform as a service providing a faster and easier way to develop, test, deploy and scale apps
  • 13 Community Community Advisory Board Members Top Community Advancements Community Advisory Board Forum meetings Open Dojo program Public story trackers Open Inception process Incubation process AdminUI Spiff Diego Contribution guidelines Top Cloud Foundry Advancements New Lighting Fast CLI Loggregator High Availability Elastic Runtime v2 Service Broker API SSO Dashboard Service Brokers can now be apps! Eclipse Tools Clustered NATS Pull Requests Since Sept 2013
  • 14 San Francisco Cloud Foundry Summit
  • 15 Prelude to Foundation Feb 24, 2014 The establishment of the independent Cloud Foundry Foundation to develop and promote an open source platform-as-a-service project is an important step towards building an industry-wide open cloud architecture. To support this, IBM will join the new foundation at the Platinum level and take an active role in developing and promoting the Cloud Foundry project. Dr. Angel Diaz, Vice President Open Technology and Cloud Performance Solutions, IBM Platinum Sponsors Gold Sponsors
  • 16 Feedback Overwhelmingly positive reactions on twitter, FB, LinkedIn, etc All press/analyst coverage was positive to neutral Ben Kepes @benkepes Feb 24 New on Forbes from me.... - Game On - Pivotal Announces the Cloud Foundry Foundation The Register Cloud Foundry laps up attention in EMC, IBM, HP, Rackspace, SAP, VMware love-in Jack Clark The Cloud Foundry open-source project looks set to become a standard piece of technology in the thriving distributed systems ecosystem: its main backer, Pivotal, has persuaded IBM, HP, SAP and Rackspace to join a new foundation dedicated to the tech. Today's announcement of the launch of a formal open governance model and associated Foundation for Cloud Foundry represents a major bet by the involved vendors that it will be Pivotal's Cloud Foundry and not Rackspace's Solum nor Red Hat's OpenShift that defines the platform layer of cloudy data centers. VentureBeat Why open-source cloud builder Cloud Foundry is about to get more popular Jordan Novet Cloud Foundry, an open-source cloud-computing project for quickly building and running applications, could become a lot more popular in the months to come. Thats because it wont be under the rule of a single company anymore. Today Pivotal, Cloud Foundrys steward, announced that it will work with a bunch of other big technology companies to launch the Cloud Foundry Foundation, effectively letting more people decide the direction of the project. EMC, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Rackspace, SAP, and VMware are on board with Pivotal as founding platinum sponsors of the project, meaning theyll put money toward the development of the new organization. ActiveState and CenturyLink are also founding sponsors, with a gold level of participation. EMC and its subsidiary VMware gave birth to Pivotal, but the lineup of participating companies is nonetheless impressive.
  • 17 Path to Open Governance of Cloud Foundry 4Q2013 1Q2014 2Q2014 3Q2014 Dec 2013 IBM/Pivotal agree on timeline and roadmap Develop Founding Partner Outreach Plan Jan 2014 Finalize agreement for Founding Partners Foundation Governance Framework agreed Feb 2014 Announce Platinum Sponsors May 2014 Draft Governance Model Announce w/All Founding Partners Jun 2014 CF Summit 2014 Intend to publish Governance Model Aug 2014 Intend to have legal establishment of org Sep 2014 Intend to launch Foundation and new governance Cloud Foundry event Initial Foundation board meeting
  • 2011 IBM Corporation Building a Kicka** PaaS Platform
  • 19 Cloud Foundry Architecture
  • 20 Recent development progress New Lightning Fast CLI Native installer for Windows/Mac/Linux Super Fast and easier to use Faster Parallel Deploys and Updates Awesome Logging (Loggregator) User configurable syslog drains for all app related logs All app related events are in the log CF components all support syslog draining
  • 21 Recent development progress High Availability Removing all SPOF in CF Runtime Tolerate Outage of a full AZ (Than