cloud computing-its usage, working and advantages

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PRESENTATION ON CLOUD COMPUTING, Its usage,working,advantages & Disadvantage,types of cloud computing and various models.


  • 1. ComputingCloud

2. Large group of remote servers Provide high storage space Multiple user can access data through single serverwithout purchasing licenses for different apps New IT focus 3. Cloud InfrastructureFullvirtualizationParavirtualization Installation actually in serversbut shown in clients For running unique apps One way to access cloud Multiple OS on one device atsame time Better scaling; requires lessprocessor utilization Used for:a) disaster recoveryb) capacity management 4. Components :Clint'sServerDistributed service 5. Pros:1. Applications access without installing2. Approx. unlimited data storage3. Access data from anywhereCons:1.Internet outage2.Site access3.No secrecy 6. Cloud Computing Service ModelCLINTSSAASPAASIAAS 7. Apps are hostedby singleprovider User need toaccess it by itsown browser No subscriptionfeeSoftware AsA Service For storing images For storing any data Access to applicationsoftware and databasesStorage AsA ServiceSAAS 8. PAAS ( Platform As A Service)No need to install softwarecloud providers deliver a computing platform.Benefits: Application development, design &testing.Pros: Improved performance Lower cost FlexibilityCons: Complexity Security Labor costs 9. Infrastructure As A Service IaaS offer computers physical or virtual machines. Infrastructure as a Service is sometimes referred toas Hardware as a Service. The service provider owns the equipment and isresponsible for housing, running and maintaining it. IaaS are costly. Used by large corporates. 10. Get educated Calculate saving Assess security Hire professionals Define desired outcomes Run test migration 11. Economic benefits People Hardware Pay as you go Time to market 12. OPERATIONAL BENEFITS Reduce Cost Increase storage Automation Flexibility Mobility 13. Privileged user access Regulatory compliance Data location Recovery Long term viability 14. Connection speed ,cloudstatus Datastore delete times Datastore read times Lag time 15. Vedio


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