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Cloud Computing as a Utility. The Citadel Sigma Xi. Topics. What is cloud computing? A peek at origins Current and potential u ses Some issues A future look. Cloud Computing. You dont know where You dont care where You just expect a result Reasonable delay is OK - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Cloud Computing as a UtilityThe CitadelSigma XiTopicsWhat is cloud computing?A peek at originsCurrent and potential usesSome issuesA future look</p> <p>The cloud is 3Cloud ComputingYou dont know whereYou dont care whereYou just expect a resultReasonable delay is OK</p> <p>How is CC like water?</p> <p>Other Utilities</p> <p>Its there when you need it.You dont think about it much.Cant/dont want to live without it.Computing without itIs like living in 1890...</p> <p>Origins</p> <p>Eniac Numerical Computer 1946Contained 17,468vacuum tubes, 7,200 crystal diodes, 1,500relays, 70,000resistors, 10,000 capacitorsand about 5 million hand-solderedjoints. It weighed over 30short tons(27 t), was roughly 8 by 3 by 100feet took up 1800 square feet and consumed 150kWof power.Shutdown in 1955.(Wikipedia, ENIAC)7CousinsMainframeBuilt to run reliably for decadesTransaction processingModern virtualized servers are mainframe computers</p> <p>IBM Mainframe circa 1964IBM z9 circa 2005CousinsTitan Supercomputer 200 cabinets4,352 square feetDraws 480 V/cabinetPeak 8.2MW powerTotal 299,008 processor cores, Total 693.6TiB of CPU and GPU RAMBlazing fast interconnectHearing protection required in server room (fan noise)</p> <p>Wikipedia, Titan_(supercomputer)</p> <p>Titan circa 2011Economics of (Super) Computing-Kathy Yellick, NERSC, 2010</p> <p>The goal is to make some uses of cloud computing easier for people who are not CS to use.11Want to See a Magic Trick?</p> <p>Another flavor, called MapReduce made famous</p> <p>A RabbitReally?!really_big_data_list x,y;for i is 1 to n doy[i] = f(x[i]);end;really_big_data_list x,y;y = map(f, x);</p> <p>Potential Uses</p> <p>Current Uses</p> <p>EnablersLow-cost commodity computing &amp; information technologyReduced operational cost (energy/people)Cloud computing vs. HPC16What is that?</p> <p>Social IssuesAggregation of InformationAbuse of trustSecurity (Information) PrivacyIntellectual PropertyControlFreedom to chooseEnergy IssuesIn 2011, and average Google search used 0.3 watt-hrs of electricityGoogle data centers use 260 MW (2011) worldwide annuallyenough to power 200,000 homes in Richmond, VA or Irvine, CAOnly 2kWh per person</p> <p>Our Own Doodoo ProblemWe create 2.5 exabytes (1018) of data every dayWe cant process it fast enoughWe cant move it fast enough</p> <p>Digitally, we are drowning in data we cannot use.My vision for Cloud ComputingHigh-fidelity results</p> <p>ReferencesExploring the future of cloud computing: riding the next wave of technology-driven transformation, Accessed April 15, 2014.DeVry Advertisement, Accessed April 15, 2014.Economics of Cloud Computing, Booz, Allen,Hamilton, Accessed April 16, 2014.</p>


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