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This was from my seminar on May, 2012. With


  • 1. L Minh ChNguyn Sn Tng
  • 2. Ni dung tho lun I. Cloud Computing Gii thiu v Cloud Computing Virtualization II. Amazon Web Services Lch s pht trin Cc dch v ca AWS III. Openstack Lch s pht trin Cc thnh phn chnh Ni dung th nghim IV. Cloud computing security CSA, NIST, Security solutions OpenStack security
  • 3. I. Cloud Computing internet
  • 4. Xu hng IT
  • 5. What is the cloud? IT as a service What is Cloud allows access to services without user technical knowledge or control of supporting infrastructure Cloud Computing? Best described in terms of what happened to mechanical power over 100 yrs ago Now computers are simple devices connected to the larger cloud Data processing, storage and software applications that used to run locally are now being supplied by big central computing stations. Theyre becoming, in essence, computing utilities.
  • 6. Cloud computing Cloud Computing tt c cc dch v v lu tr trn cloud c th truy cp bt k u ch cn kt ni internet
  • 7. Why Cloud ComputingKhai thc ti a hiu nng, c bit ca Data Center Phn ln cc Data Center u ch nh ti nguyn vt nhu cuChia s ti nguynTp trung ha c s h tngTit kim phn cngTit kim, gim chi ph u ta phng tinKh nng linh hot caoTr theo nhu cu thc t
  • 8. nh ngha Cloud Computing Cc tnh nng M hnh trin khai M hnh dch v
  • 9. nh ngha Cloud Computing (tt) Cc tnh nng 1. Thu hi v cp pht ti nguyn 2. Truy cp thng qua ccchun mng 3. o lng dch v 4. T phc v theo nhu cu 5. Chia s ti nguyn M hnh trin khai 1. m my ring 2. m my cng cng 3. m my lai 4. m my cng ng
  • 10. nh ngha Cloud Computing (tt) M hnh dch v1. SaaS: Software as a Service2. PaaS: Platform as a Service3. IaaS: Infrastructure as a service
  • 11. ng dng Cloud Computing Chuyn sang s dng dch v CRM package caSaaS mt SaaS provider nh thay v phi dng 1 CRM system Chuyn sang s dng exchange server thay v phi xy dng mail server.PaaS Cn mt khng gian lu tr ln lu tr s lng ln files - s dng dch v S3 ca amazon. Cn mt mi trng pht trin ng dng Java Chy mt batch job - S dng Amazon EC2.IaaS Host mt website, nhng trong mt thi gian ngn thay v u t chi ph ban u, s dng Flexiscale.
  • 12. Customer IT management
  • 13. IaaS PaaS - SaaS Cloud Infrastructure Cloud Infrastructure Cloud Infrastructure IaaS Software as a Service PaaS PaaS (SaaS) SaaS SaaS SaaS Architectures Cloud Infrastructure Cloud Infrastructure IaaS Platform as a Service (PaaS) PaaS PaaS Architectures Cloud Infrastructure IaaS Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Architectures
  • 14. Virtualization Technologies - Background Mode Switching Kernel mode User mode VMM (Virtual Machine Monitor) VMM ng vai tr nh mt phn mm trung gian chy trn HH chia s ti nguyn vi HH. V d: VMware workstation, Virtual PC, KVM. VMM ng vai tr l mt hypervisor chy trn phn cng. V d: VMware ESXi, Hyper-V, Xen. Hypervisor Monolithic: ESXi Micro hypervisor: Hyper-V
  • 15. Monolithic vs Micro-kernelized Monolithic hypervisor Driver ring bit truy cp ti nguyn phn cng bn di. Cc VMs truy cp ti nguyn h thng thng qua drivers ca hypervisor. u im: hiu sut cao Nhc im: khi driver trn hypervisor b s c th c h thng ngng hot ng, hoc phi i mt vi vn an ninh khi drivers c th b gi dng bi malware, mt ri ro trong mi trng o ha..Micro-kernelized hypervisor: khng c driver bn trong hypervisor m chy trc tip trn mi partition. Mt VM l partition cha qun l memory, lu tr drivers, v khi to cc partition con. u im: s an ton v tin cy. Nhc im: sn sng (availability) khi partition cha gp s c.
  • 16. Cc loi o ha Full-virtualization Cung cp my o m phng ca 1 my ch tht vi y tt c cc tnh nng bao gm input/output operations, interrupts, memory access, Nhc im: Hiu nng thp (mode switching). Xen, VMWare workstation, Virtual Box, Qemu/KVM, v Microsoft Virtual Server h tr loi o ha ny
  • 17. Cc loi o haPara-virtualization K thut o ha c h tr v iu khin bi 1 hypervisor nhng cc Oss ca guest thc thi cc lnh khng phi thng qua Hypervisor (hay bt k 1 trnh qun l my o no) nn khng b hn ch v quyn hn. u im: hiu sut cao Nhc im: cc OS bit ang chy trn 1 nn tng phn cng o v kh cu hnh ci t. Xen, VMware, Hyper-V, v UML
  • 18. Cc loi o haOS-level virtualization (Isolation) To v chy c nhiu my o cch ly v an ton (secure) dng chung 1 HH. u im: bo tr nhanh chng nn c ng dng rng ri trong cc lnh vc hosting. Ch c trn HH Linux. OpenVZ, Virtuozzo, Linux- VServer, Solaris Zones, v FreeBSD Jails.
  • 19. Cloud vs Virtualization
  • 20. Cloud vs VirtualizationVirtualization Cloud Infrastructure Application Hypervisor & related tools. Services. Computer OS. Service catalog. Compute, network, and storage. IaaS, PaaS, SaaS. IT manager, IT administrator Business app owner, developer, end users. Pay as you go Provision resource
  • 21. II. Amazon Web Services
  • 22. digital shop around the corner
  • 23. ... and a digital colossus.
  • 24. Customers in 190 Countries
  • 25. Zynga.comFarmville, Mafia Wars, Treasure Isle...12,000 servers on AWSMore than 230 million monthly users100% on AWSNetflix9 Billion USD market capMigrating 100% on Amazon Web Services10 M subscribers, 100k DVD titles
  • 26. Slide about EC2what it is?
  • 27. Amazon S3
  • 28. Scenario
  • 29. III. Openstack
  • 30. OpenStack?Open source software for building private and public clouds
  • 31. OpenStack, A Kernel of the Cloud OS
  • 32. Open SourceApache 2.0 license, NO enterprise versionOpen DesignOpen Design SummitOpen DevelopmentAnyone can involve development processOpen development management via Launchpad & GithubOpen CommunityOpenStack Foundation in 2012
  • 33. Openstack History July 2010 - Initial announcement October 2010 - Austin Release April 2011 - Cactus Release October 2011 - Diablo Release April 2012 - Essex Release October 2012 - Folsom Release
  • 34. Hn 160 i tc
  • 35. Mt s cng ty ang s dng Openstack
  • 36. Cc thnh phn chnh
  • 37. Openstack Compute - NovaThnh phn qun l h tng ti nguyn.S dng cc phn mm o ha cung cp cc my o (instance)


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