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  • Glassdoor, Inc. 2016 #GDCHAT

    Client Story featuring Lockheed Martin!

  • Glassdoor, Inc. 2016 #GDCHAT

    Webinar Tips for Attendees!You can connect to audio using your !computers microphone and speakers. !

    Or, you may select Use Telephone !after joining the Webinar.!

    All lines will be muted to avoid !background noise.!

    You can ask questions at any time by !typing them into the Questions Pane.!

  • Glassdoor, Inc. 2016 #GDCHAT

  • Glassdoor, Inc. 2016 #GDCHAT

    Featured Speakers!

    Charlotte Jones!Leader in Talent Attraction and Employee

    Engagement at Lockheedmartin! !

    Justin Olin!Enterprise Account Executive!

    at Glassdoor!!

  • Glassdoor, Inc. 2016 #GDCHAT

    agenda!Glassdoor Journey!

    !Talent Attraction Initiatives !

    !Talent Engagement Initiatives!


  • Glassdoor, Inc. 2016 #GDCHAT

    Glassdoor Journey!

  • Glassdoor, Inc. 2016 #GDCHAT

    Fear/Anxiety! Did you see what someone said about us? !

    Did you know that user generated content is allowed about us? !

    Is this allowed and what are the rules? !

    3 Reasons Bad Reviews Are Good for Business!

  • Glassdoor, Inc. 2016 #GDCHAT

    Observation ! Watching reviews from the sidelines !

    Talking with Glassdoor rep !

    Benchmarking !

    Thinking about assigning the task of monitoring !your page on a regular basis !

    The Business Case for Employer Branding!

  • Glassdoor, Inc. 2016 #GDCHAT

    Engagement! Starting to respond to reviews !

    Bringing specific business units into the fold !to show them impact of employer branding !

    Making strategic decisions based on !feedback from Glassdoor !

    Responding to Glassdoor Reviews:! What, Why and How!

  • Glassdoor, Inc. 2016 #GDCHAT

    Evangelizing ! Asking employees for feedback and participation !

    Having executives address ratings in !all-hands meetings !

    Making reviews part of onboarding and !recruitment process!

    Enterprise Employee Engagement Playbook!

  • Glassdoor, Inc. 2016 #GDCHAT

    Talent Attraction Initiatives!

  • Glassdoor, Inc. 2016 #GDCHAT

    Employer Value Proposition ! Analyze Glassdoor data

    to develop and manage EVP messaging and recruitment marketing campaign!

    Use Why Work for Us to communicate EVP!

  • Glassdoor, Inc. 2016 #GDCHAT

    Job Branding! Deep understanding on job trends

    Favorable and unfavorable!

    Glassdoor analytics inform strategy

    Analytics for critical talent segment!

    Job description messaging!

  • Glassdoor, Inc. 2016 #GDCHAT

    Intern Conversion! Ran employee engagement !

    campaign with interns!

    Asked candidate and !employee experience with !interns to improve intern conversion rate

  • Glassdoor, Inc. 2016 #GDCHAT

    Offer and Decline Analysis! Compare open-ended comments from Glassdoor explaining

    why a candidate may have declined our offer!

    Compare/correlate against !our own internal candidate !survey responses regarding !declining offers:!

  • Glassdoor, Inc. 2016 #GDCHAT

    Strategy and Results ! Implemented SmashFly understand candidate path is not linear!

    Tracking both direct and influenced hires !

    Two feeds to Glassdoor! Job Posts to profile !

    Strategic, sponsored roles !

    2016 direct and influenced hires !doubled since 2015!

  • Glassdoor, Inc. 2016 #GDCHAT

    Talent Engagement Initiatives!

  • Glassdoor, Inc. 2016 #GDCHAT

    Internal Employee Engagement Survey!Validate overall satisfaction !

    comparison and trend comparison: !

    Careers! Culture ! Compensation!

    Leadership ! Work/life!

  • Glassdoor, Inc. 2016 #GDCHAT

    Talent Engagement Strategies !

    Identify where LM ratings trends tend to be more !favorable or unfavorable in order to take targeted action

    Pinpoint reasons for attrition !

    Reduce turnover in business area location sites !




  • Glassdoor, Inc. 2016 #GDCHAT

    Company Updates: Showcasing Innovation!

  • Glassdoor, Inc. 2016 #GDCHAT

  • Glassdoor, Inc. 2016 #GDCHAT


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