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  • 1. BeA Fasteners USA, Inc. 2100-120 Fairfax Rd Greensboro, NC 27407 (336)-510-4232 (336)-510-4233 FAX September 8, 2010Skyline Exhibits & Events / The Holt GroupScott Vines403 Westcliff RoadGreensboro, NC 27409Scott:I would like to thank you and the team at Skyline Exhibits & Events for providing exceptionalservice to BeA Fasteners USA since 2003. Your personal commitment to making our trade shows asuccess continuously exceeds our expectations. Year after year, our team has learned to depend onthe flexibility of your system, the ease of set-up and transport as well as your dedication to BeA as aclient.You have become a trusted resource and partner from the moment you began consulting us in 2003.Your enthusiasm for the product and dedication to providing BeA with timely and efficient solutionsmade the decision to choose Skyline Exhibits & Events easy.The key factors for choosing to work with you and Skyline Exhibits & Events were your in-depthproduct knowledge, dedication to our needs and requirements, as well as your ability to supply BeA withan innovative design solution within the means of our budget. Throughout the years we have learned toappreciate the high levels of service you repeatedly provide. Such as overnight emergency deliveries forour 2006 trade show in Las Vegas.I would like to specifically thank you for the extraordinary service that you provided at the InternationalWoodworking Fair in Atlanta in August of 2010. Even though we are now experienced in setting up ourMirage display and Stratus table, you took the time to personally ensure that the entire display was set-up properly and provided guidance on how to enhance our prospects experience in the BeA booth.We at BeA are very satisfied and happy to be your client and are looking forward to a long-lastingrelationship.Sincerely,Sebastian RissmannNational Sales Manager
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  • 3. SMALLHD, LLCPO Box 5186Cary, NC 27512-5186Dear Melissa,Being SmallHDs very rst trade show, getting to NAB seemed like a major mountain forus to climbthat is until we gave you guys a call.By completely compensating for our lack of experience and having answers to our vastarray of questions, you were able to take much of the stress and concern away from theentire process even under tight deadlines. As a result, we were able to focus more onour specic tasks during the show rather than being distracted by all the details andregulations regarding our booths design and installation. In addition, the support youprovided throughout the show was invaluable. Its hard to put a price on the comfort wereceived from working with such an experienced group of people.The booth looked amazing, by the way. It stood out so much that neighboring boothswere happy to be near us because of the trafc we were generating.Thanks again and we look forward to working with you in the future!Kind Regards,Weston PhillipsCo-Owner / CEOSmallHD, LLC
  • 4. Draka Elevator Products 2151 North Church Street Rocky Mount, NC 27804Skyline Exhibits and Events403 Westcliff RoadGreensboro, NC 27409June 15th, 2010Mr. Mike Criscuolo,I am writing to you today to extend my appreciation for the strong partnership that Skyline hasforged with Draka over the past several years. Such partnerships are always important, butespecially so now with the unique challenges of the current business environment. I want tothank you for all that you and your team does to make Draka successful.I have worked with Skyline over the past four years literally everywhere in the world. You andyour team have supported us at trade shows in the United States (NAEC), China (World Elevator& Escalator Expo), Brazil (Expo Elevador), and Germany (Interlift) to name just a few. Thesupport we have received from the local teams in each of these locations has been absolutelysuperb. I also know that you have supported other Draka divisions in various locations.One of the more beneficial activities that we have done together was when you and othermembers of your team spent several days at Draka in Rocky Mount, NC to learn about ourbusiness and products. This provided a great opportunity for team building and provided yourteam with an excellent overview of Drakas vast product offerings.Beyond support with trade shows, you and your team have also been very instrumental in thedesign and production of many of our product displays. I recall vividly sitting with Doug Jonesfor many hours during the design phase of our Chinese displays, always impressed by his level oftalent and commitment. Those displays were used at the last two trade show events in LangfangCity, China.Finally, I would be remiss if I did not specifically mention Kim Waddell as a major factor in thesuccess we have enjoyed over the past several years. Her responsiveness and attention to detailtruly set her apart and makes working with Skyline a sincere pleasure. I very much look forwardto working with her again at this years NAEC.Again, thank you. You have a terrific team and I look forward to our continued partnership.Douglas BabcockProduct Marketing Manager Draka Elevator Products 2151 North Church Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina 27804
  • 5. Brooke Collins404 Edwardia Dr.Greensboro, NC 27409September 23, 2009Danielle NaplesMarketing ConsultantSkyline ExhibitsDear Danielle:Our team just returned from our convention last night and I wanted to let you know howwonderful it went. Our booth went over better than expected and your team in Orlandowas outstanding whenever we had a need. We passed your name along to many peoplewho asked who helped us with our booth. It was perfect! We had a great location sincewe increased the size of our booth this year and had more traffic than usual which willhopefully turn into more sales!Thank you for all of your help and your teams we truly believe it was worth theinvestment. We are looking forward to working with you more in the future.Sincerely,Brooke CollinsVice President of Marketing
  • 6. Andersen Products, Inc. Health Science Park 3202 Caroline DriveAn ISO 13485 certified company Haw River, NC 27258 USA Tyson Harton Marketing Consultant Skyline Exhibits & Events 403 Westcliff Road Greensboro, NC 27409Dear Tyson,I would like to thank you and all of the Skyline Personal that helped make our trade show booth dream a reality.There were so many extenuating factors that you and had to over come to help us. The day that you and Mikecame to our facility was just 2 weeks before a trade show that we needed to really make an impact at. I am in awewith the fact that you and Skyline made the deadline. I also want to comment on your ability to listen to so manypeople at one time. In our meeting there were at least 5 different opinions flying around and 5 very strongpersonalities that at times really butted heads. You were abl