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A storyboard for an online tutorial on clickers


  • 1. BRAT PACK BLENDED RESOURCES for ACADEMIC TEACHING STORYBOARD B: Clickers with Articulate December 2013

2. CLICKERS1TITLE TITLE SLIDEMODULE INTRODUCE THETITLENOARTICULATEYES NOTESShould contain the common name and the proper name for clickersNO 3. CLICKERSGAGNE ONE2GAIN ATTENTIONNOARTICULATEarner ething to draw the le Som o ds poll of teaching meth in. A to be ing straight lectures show e an unpopular. Slide can b ide. ple of a clicker poll sl examYESWhich teaching method do you ts think your studen find most not enjoyable? Why r ask them in orde to find out? 4. CLICKERSGAGNE TWO3ive State learning objectNOARTICULATEning Text stating the lear objective tion e end of this presenta By th le to: learners should be ab s are erstand what clicker Und and how to use themYESThe aim of this presentation is to explain what to clickers are and tions as make sugges to how they might be used in a ion. classroom situat 5. CLICKERSGAGNE THREE4owledge Draw on previous knger the fastest fin ple of aire Give the exam to be a million wants round in who ound stest finger r g fa Graphic showin NOTES creative ook for L of s image common finger fastest roundNOARTICULATE AUDIO SCRIPT:Even if you have never come across clickers before you may already be familiar with their concept. Do you remember the in fastest finger round a who wants to be millionaire? Each a audience member had the response pad and fastest person to choose the correct answer in a multiple choice question got to go on the show. 6. CLICKERSGAGNE FOUR5l to be learned Present the materiackers ics of what cli e bas Text giving th onse pad ture of a resp are. Also a pic NOTES creative Look for of s image common se pad. a responAUDIO SCRIPT:Clickers is the common name for classroom response systems. Each student has an individual response pad which is about the size of a credit card. Each response pad has e buttons numbered on e and lettered A to nin to I. The lecturer displays a multiple e choice question and th students press the button on their response pad which corresponds to their be answer. Clickers can used to obtain anonymous responses or they can be used for assessment. 7. CLICKERSGAGNE FOUR6three Text stating the which different ways in ed clickers can be us AUDIO SCRIPT:NOl to be learned Present the materiaensure they have -lecture reading. To at asked to do some pre le choice questions up Students can be er can put some multip the reading the lectur completed ts must respond. e to which the studen fore a lecture the start of the lectur questions on a topic be a number of will want lecture because they Students can be asked us them on the n re-polled at the This then helps to foc commences. ceeds. They are the rs as the lecture pro end of the lecture to discover the answe correct answers at the e If there are more that most students hav end of the lecture. n the lecturer knows ses then the at the beginning) the (compared to less correct respon e material. If there are understood the lectur m. a potential proble then shown what lecturer is alerted to g a lecture. They are correct asked questions durin they are not told the Students can be for each answer but h their peers and the e of students voted percentag s the answers wit n encouraged to discus sensus as to what the answer. They are the there is more of a con on. led to determine if on and peer instructi question is re-pol motes peer interacti wer is. This method pro correct ansARTICULATEYESft See Le 8. CLICKERSGAGNE FIVE7Give an exampleNOARTICULATEus e ing clickers in o show You Tube vide NOTES hat the Ensure t longer no video is than ately approxim s ute five minYESAUDIO SCRIPT:Click on the hyperlink eo to see a you tube vid in use of clickers 9. CLICKERSEN GAGNE SIX & SEV8NOd give feedback Elicit performance anfeedback clickers. Give n Ask an MCQ o chosen. on the answer based NOTESs should Learner multiple allowed s at the attempt they get til MCQ un t answer. r ec the cor be ould not They sh ontinue able to c et the yg until the a ns w e r . correctARTICULATEYESNONE 10. CLICKERS9use clickers Encourage learner toNO ARTICULATEe clicker o download th learner t s and then Challenge the question slide e a few software, mak ork. test if they w ge response g how to chan owin Screenshot sh rd keys ices to keyboa dev NOTES ontain Should c n name mo the com proper and the s r clicker name foAUDIO SCRIPT:Your challenge now is to download the free m clickers software fro technologies. turning Once downloaded a toolbar will appear in powerpoint. Use this e toolbar to create som slides. You question e dont need to have th pads to check response . if the questions work simply change You can the response pads to keyboard keys and you can test the slides s using the number key r keyboard. on you 11. CLICKERSn/ advice Further informatio10rner for the future Provide aid for the leaNO ARTICULATEclickers and an to websites about Hyperlinks a DIT lecturer email address forNOTES hat the Check t is okay lecturer the g with bein for contact . clickersAUDIO SCRIPT:For further information on clickers you can click on the hyperlinks. To speak to a DIT lecturer already using clickers email X at the email address below