cleopatra and egyptian fashion - cleopatra and egyptian fashion history statues and wall paintings...

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  • Cleopatra and Egyptian fashion


     Statues and wall paintings also known as hieroglyphs found in ancient

    tombs and houses have revealed a lot about the fashion history of ancient


     Perfume containers, make-up kits, clothes and jewelry.

     Clothes were created for comfort, but Egyptians didn’t only see them as

    convenient but also creatively expressed their culture, status and

    personality through fashion. They were the first human society, who had a

    sense of style. Egyptians adored the human body and wanted the clothes to

    be flattering.

  • Clothes

     Linen sheath dress

     Kalasiris dress

  •  Schenti

     Tunic

  •  Men: Loin cloth, loin skirt and cloak

     Children: no clothes

     Sandals


     Beauty icon and a trendsetter

     Last pharaoh of Egypt, became a ruler at the age of 18

     Struggled to keep her position

     Known for her romantic relationships

  • Makeup

     Eye shadow: thick green mineral malachite paste

     Eyeliner and mascara: Black kohl

     Blush and lipstick: Red ochre

     Symbols and nail polish: Henna dye

  • Hair

     People cut their hair and wore wigs

     Clean hair represented cleanliness

     Wigs were embellished with golden beads

     Headdresses

     Perfume cones

  • Jewelry

     Heavy and massive

     Bracelets, anklets, earrings, armbands, collars and finger rings

     Amulets

     Social status

     Gold, semi-precious stones and inexpensive materials such as colored


     Colorful jewelry (colored glass)