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<ol><li> 1. +CLEMENTINES Smart snack Marquette Elementary School Madison, WI December 2013 Katie McGlenn </li><li> 2. +2CLEMENTINES: family tree CITRUSOrangesMandarinsClementinesKatie McGlenn - kwmcglenn@gmail.comNavelTangerinesGrapefruitBlood OrangesLimes </li><li> 3. +3CLEMENTINES: basics Clementines grow on trees and are harvested in the US from November January.They have dark orange skin and are smaller than most oranges.Do you agree that clementines are popular with kids because they are: sweet, easy to peel, and have no seeds?Most clementines have 7 14 segments .Katie McGlenn - </li><li> 4. +4Clementines: where in the world Mandarins grew in China thousands of years ago.Clementines are a cross between a mandarin and an orange. A monk in Algeria is credited for growing the first clementine (his first name was Clement).Clementines were first grown in the US around 1909. They became more popular in the US around 2000 when a really cold winter destroyed a lot of the Florida orange crop.Clementines are in grocery stores year round because they are shipped in (imported) from Spain, Morocco, North Africa, South Africa and Chile.The clementines you get to eat for snack today are from California.Katie McGlenn - kwmcglenn@gmail .com </li><li> 5. +5CLEMENTINES: Branding fruit Brands can be names or designs.Brands are used by businesses, including farms, to make one product stand out from others.Some people believe that branding clementines increased their popularity because people could call them by a fun name.Check out these different clementine brands whats similar about them?Katie McGlenn - </li><li> 6. + CLEMENTINES: uses Eat yum.Cook with them add them to salads, use fruit for shaved ice and peels for bowls, cook them to make marmalade.Decorate use the peel as a candle holder; create a snowman for table decoration.Katie McGlenn - kwmcglenn@gmail.com6 </li><li> 7. +7ENJOY Clementines are fruit.Fruits provide vitamins, minerals, and fiber all important for healthy eating.One clementine has 35 calories and provides all the C an 8 year old needs for a day.Sources: McGlenn - kwmcglenn@gmail.comvitamin</li></ol>