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1. Cleaning Tips for Furniture Upholstery 2. Use Vacuum Cleaner first to clean up the dirt and debris on your sofa. If you have pet in your house you will definitely find pets hair on the sofa . So clean those hairs too by using the machine. 3. Find the tag on your sofa that will guide you what type of solution to use. Then find hidden portion of your upholstery to test the color fastness and damage. 4. Furniture cleaning solutions usually cost between fifteen to twenty dollars per bottles. The rate duffers from place to place. Home made products you can used for cleaning the fabrics. No matter what, always using a non- toxic cleaner is house is a safe thing to do 5. Stain mark can be occurred due to dirt, food, poop or pee, coffee, wine or any other things. If the stain is the stubborn one then a treatment would be needed for cleaning . Stains which are oil based used chemical based cleaners to remove the stains. 6. This is not even going to cost you much. I am sure you can afford renting this machine. When renting, opt for the one that has wheels and can be moved around easily. It must also be light so that it can be carried up the stairs. 7. Now that it has become clean, dont allow mildew to form. Dry it completely. Only when you think it is dried, use it for your purpose. 8.