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<p>CLAY COUNTY 4-H </p> <p>Fair, Livestock and Horse Exhibitors Eligibility and Membership Policy </p> <p>Exhibiting livestock in the Clay County Fair, Cattle and Swine Shows, provides opportunities for </p> <p>4-H members to increase their knowledge of livestock and the agricultural industry, gain valuable </p> <p>experiences that develop their capacity to be responsible adults, and apply what they have learned </p> <p>in their clubs. Participating in the Clay County Fair is a privilege reserved for 4-H members who </p> <p>are in good standing with the program. The following section provides an overview of the </p> <p>process, and the minimum standards that need to be met in order to be classified as a member in </p> <p>good standing. The following Member in Good Standing policy is applicable to all livestock and </p> <p>equine program participants as well as general 4-H membership. </p> <p>Eligibility Verification Process </p> <p>August 31st of each year the 4-H staff will verify each members eligibility for the year ending. </p> <p>On October 2nd of each year the fair requests a list of 4-H members who are in good standing. </p> <p>The Fair cross-references this list with members who have submitted applications to exhibit swine </p> <p>or cattle. 4-H members must have been a verified member in good standing for 1 year to earn </p> <p>eligibility to show livestock in the Clay County Fair. Individuals who are not in good standing or </p> <p>have not been a verified member in good standing of 4-H for 1 year are not eligible to exhibit. </p> <p>Member in Good Standing for Clay County Fair exhibitors and Clay County 4-H members </p> <p>It is the members responsibility to know their standing. Data from the previous 4-H year is used </p> <p>to determine if a member is in good standing. For example, the member list provided to the fair </p> <p>in October 2, 2018 is based on data from the previous 4-H year (September 1, 2017 August 31, </p> <p>2018). To be in good standing a member needs to: </p> <p>1. Be registered and approved in 4-H online on or before October 1st of the current year; </p> <p>2. Attended 70% of their clubs business meetings of the previous 4-H year; </p> <p>3. Deliver one demonstration/illustrated talk/speech at either the club or county level during </p> <p>the previous 4-H year; and </p> <p>4. Submit at least one project/record book during the previous 4-H year. </p> <p>Exceptions to above mentioned criteria are Cloverbud members who are making the transition to </p> <p>junior members. In this instance, the members will be listed as members in good standing. </p> <p>Parent Acknowledgement </p> <p>I have read and understand the Clay County 4-H fair exhibitor and Clay County 4-H member </p> <p>eligibility policy. </p> <p> ______________________ </p> <p>Club Name #3 </p> <p>______________________ _________________________ ____________ </p> <p>Parent Signature Parent Printed Name Date </p> <p>Member Printed Name </p> <p>______________________ </p> <p>Club Name #1 </p> <p>______________________ </p> <p>Club Name #2 </p>


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