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1. Introduction 7th Grade English/Language Arts & Reading 2013-2014 2. Classroom Rules & Expectations Everyone sits in their assigned seat Courtesy and respect should be exhibited at all times. That means 1) No talking while others are talking 2) Check all negative attitudes at the door be positive at all times 3) No profanity 4) Raise your hand before speaking 5) Treat others as you would like to be treated 3. Classroom Rules & Expectations Contd If you have an issue with a classmate, notify me first do not handle the issue on your own Please make sure that you are on time for class late comers will receive an automatic infraction Individual restroom breaks are permitted with permission and a pass only NO group breaks allowed Anyone who leaves the room without permission will receive an infraction or referral Cheating is an automatic zero no questions asked 4. Classroom Rules & Expectation Contd All electronic devices must be on silent (not vibrate) or off position during instructional time (see cell phone policy) Everyone is here to learn and should be given equal opportunity to express themselves. The only dumb question is the one not asked Always challenge the information you are given if there is something that you dont understand dont hesitate to tell me Only expect good behavior for yourselves 5. Consequences for Broken Rules Verbal warning Infractions will be given 3 infractions = 1 referral I will not notify anyone of the status of their infractions as it is your responsibility to monitor your own behavior A call home will be administered to notify your parents of ongoing disruptive behavior and a possible conference Good behavior will always be recognized with some type of reward (extra bonus pts toward grades, treats etc.) 6. Grading I grade fairly based on the work that is received I do not grade based on behavior only performance If you have an issue with a grade you receive from me please come talk to me about it Assignments turned in after the specified due date will receive a grade of 70% if the assignment is a perfect score (unless otherwise noted) 7. Questions??? I am excited to work with you guys and I only want this experience to be a positive one. I am very patient and I will do everything I can to make sure you guys have a great spring semester.