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Classroom Guidelines and expectations

Classroom Guidelines and Expectations

Its a teachers RIGHT to be able to TEACH and it is a students RIGHT to be able to LEARN in class without any DISRUPTION.Sirius Colleges Discipline Principle:

Students must bring all the required books and resources to class, e.g. pens, exercise book, poetry book, work book, etc.Students late to class will be marked accordingly.Prepared for Class:

Students are to enter the room in an orderly manner.Nothing is to be thrown about the room, e.g. hand objects, such as pens, to another student or put rubbish in the bin.Students must remain at their tables and not walk around the room.Students are to remain quiet while the class roll is being taken.

Classroom Behaviour:

During teacher instruction, all students need to be listening. No one else should be talking.When students are sharing in a whole class discussion, only one student is to share at a time. Other students need to be listening.That is, only one person to be speaking at a time.All students are encouraged to participate in a positive manner in class discussions on a topic to show your knowledge and understanding.Speaking and Listening:

English is a reading and writing, and a speaking and listening subject, therefore students are to participate in all activities to show their knowledge and understanding of the content of the unit of work, for example:Participate in class discussionsRead the required materialWrite appropriate responsesReading and Writing:

Homework is a subject requirement and must be completed and handed in by the due date.If homework is submitted late, then one point will be deducted for each day lateAfter one week from due date, homework will not be accepted and the student will receive a zero for the taskHomework:

SACs are to be completed in class on the allocated date.If you are absent, you need to supply a doctors medical certificate to sit the SAC on another day (to be determined via consultation).If you fail a SAC (minimum of 45%) you will be asked to re-sit the SAC to show your knowledge and understanding and attain an S (satisfactory), or an N (unsatisfactory) will be shown on reports. Your original SAC mark will remain.SAC Requirements: