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  • Classroom Expectations and Procedures

    These have been established so that class runs as smoothly as possible each day. I want my students to learn as much as they can while in my classroom. Expectations 1. Arrive to class on time and with all necessary materials. - Coming in tardy distracts the class. You will be counted tardy and will given a conduct check. - Not coming to class prepared, which includes having all necessary supplies, will result in a conduct check. 2. Follow directions the first time theyre given. - It doesnt feel good to be lost. 3. Treat peers and staff with respect. - Treat others the way you would want to be treated. - Please dont touch what is not yours. - Others belongings, adjust the blinds or thermostat, moving furniture,etc. - Please dont be distracting. People are here to learn. Please dont prevent it from happening. - Use good manners if we have a visitor. This includes your friends coming into the room! - No horseplay, and please dont tease others. - Use appropriate language. - Just be courteous and respectful to all people and things around you. 4. Keep hands, feet, and objects to self. Procedures 1. Starting Class - Go directly to your seat. - You are tardy if you are not in your seat when the bell rings. - Copy down bell work in your science notebook as soon as you sit down. No visiting with others! - Have any due assignments out on your desk. (Will be stated on the bell work) 2. End of Class - Please pick up anything that is around your desk, including trash. Hopefully this will also prevent you from leaving anything behind. - Please put away any borrowed materials in the appropriate place. - All trash is thrown away on your way out. - I will dismiss you, not the bell or hallway noise. - If coming to my class, please wait to come in until most people from the previous class has left. It gets crowded! 3. Handing in Papers - I will have what is due at the beginning of the period on the Promethean board. - I will either come around and check your work or take it up. - Homework is a completion grade. 1. Lab Safety - Please behave responsibly in lab. - Follow all written and verbal instructions. - If you mess up, you start over, so read the procedure carefully! - I will distribute and go over lab safety expectations and you must get a safety contract signed in order to participate in labs.

  • 5. Independent Work - Please do not talk during independent work unless you have permission to do so. - Raise your hand if you have a question and I will come to your desk. 6. Group Work - QUIET talking is allowed. If it gets too loud, I separate groups or stop the activity. - One person from the group will be assigned to get supplies, if needed. - No group hopping! (even if your group is finished) 7. Leaving the Room During Class Clinic: - If its a non-emergency, ask to go during independent work and not when Im teaching. - Ill give you a note, you will get it signed by the clinic worker along with the time back to class. - If you will be checking out, please come back to class and tell me. Restroom, Water, or Locker - If restroom or water privileges are abused, they will be enforced. - You may not go to your locker during class at any time. Please make sure you have all necessary supplies. - Please wait until independent work to ask to leave the room....not while Im talking and walking. 8. Talking and Asking Questions - Raise your hand to speak and wait to be called on. - Please dont interrupt anyone. 9. Sharpening Pencils and Borrowing Supplies - Please return any borrowed supplies you get from me! - You may only sharpen your pencil during independent work or BEFORE a test or quiz; not while I am teaching. 10. Make-up Work - This is your responsibility, which includes homework I check when you were absent. Options: 1. Check my website (includes most handouts) and a detailed account of what we did in class. 2. Extra handouts (notes guides, assignments) are located in the daily work folders folders. ***All missing assignments will be counted as an F. - Give make up work to ME (please do not put it on my desk) - Your name will be on the white board (front of room) if you have a test or quiz to make up. I have read and will try my best to follow all (Mr. Saulsberry) of the above expectations and procedures and do my best work possible during this school year. Student Signature:_________________________________________Date:____________________ Parent Signature: _________________________________________Date: ____________________