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<p>B r i s t o l C l a s s i c a l Pr e s s</p> <p>2012</p> <p>Classics Catalogue 2012_BW.indd 1</p> <p>23/02/2012 11:55</p> <p>CONTENTSRequest an inspection copy today! All paperbacks in this catalogue are available. See the inside back cover for information on how to order.</p> <p>New TitlesARCHAEOLOGY &amp; EGYPTOLOGY 1-2 CLASSICS &amp; ANCIENT HISTORY 2-8 LATE ANTIQUE / EARLY MEDIEVAL STUDIES 8-9 ANCIENT PHILOSOPHY 9-12</p> <p>Inside the Ancient World series 17 Greek Texts 17 Latin Texts 17-18 Classic Commentaries series 18 Classical Studies series 18-19 Greek and Latin Language Titles 19-20</p> <p>Complete StocklistARCHAEOLOGY &amp; EGYPTOLOGY 13 Archaeological Histories series 13 BCP Egyptology 13 Debates in Archaeology series 13 CLASSICS 13-20 Ancient History 13-14 Classical Literature and Art 14-20 Ancients in Action series 15 Bristol Classical Paperbacks series 15-16 Classical Diaspora series 16 Classical Essays 16 Classical Inter/Faces series 16 Classical Literature and Society series 16 Classical World series 16 Companions to Greek and Roman Tragedy series 16-17</p> <p>LATE ANTIQUE/ EARLY MEDIEVAL STUDIES 20 Studies in Early Medieval History 20 MODERN LANGUAGES 20-21 New Readings series 20 Chinese 20 French Texts 20 German Texts 20 Russian Language 20 Russian Literature 21 Russian Texts 21 Critical Studies in Russian Literature 21 Spanish Texts 21 ANCIENT PHILOSOPHY 21-22 Ancient Commentators on Aristotle 22 Index of titles 23-28 Index of authors 28-30</p> <p>Bristol Classical Press is distributed by International Publishers Marketing in the USA and Canada. This catalogue combines UK and US publication dates and prices. Canadian dollar prices will be higher and are subject to change. Where no dollar price is given, that title is not available via Bristol Classical Press in the USA or Canada. While we endeavor to ensure that all prices, publication dates and other details in this catalogue are correct on going to press, they are subject to change without further notice.</p> <p>w w w. b loomsbur yacademic.comCover image: The Muse Sacrcophagus, c. 240-260 AD (Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, Missouri), from Lefkowitz &amp; Fant (eds) Womens Life in Greece and Rome (Bristol Classical Press, 3rd edn, 2005)</p> <p>Classics Catalogue 2012_BW.indd 2</p> <p>23/02/2012 11:55</p> <p>A R C H A E O LO G Y &amp; E G YP TO LO G Y</p> <p>SERIES: BCP Egyptology SERIES EDITOR: Nicholas Reeves Combines cutting-edge new scholarship with reprints of classic works of Egyptology.UK May-12/ US Jul-12 19.99/$34.95 9780715631188 160pp Pap erback</p> <p>Ancient Egyptian Technology and InnovationIan Shaw, University of Liverpool, UK</p> <p>The study of ancient Egyptian materials and technology is a vibrant one, with research being conducted by many scholars throughout the world. This book draws not only on traditional archaeological and textual sources, but also on the results of scientific analyses of ancient materials, and on experimental and ethno-archaeological information. Although the principal aim of the book is to bring together the basic evidence for different aspects of change and evolution in Egyptian technology, Ian Shaw also examines wider cognitive and social contexts, such as the ancient Egyptian propensity for mental creativity and innovation.</p> <p>SERIES: Debates in Archaeology SERIES EDITOR: Richard Hodges Concise volumes, each devoted to a theme which is the subject of contemporary debate in archaeology.UK Sep-12/ US Nov-12 14.99/$24.95 9781849668880 144pp Pap erback</p> <p>Archaeologies of ConflictJohn Carman, Institute of Archaeology and Antiquity, Birmingham University, UK</p> <p>The overall purpose of this book is to encourage proponents and practitioners of Conflict Archaeology to consider what it is for and how to develop it in the future. The central argument is that, at present, Conflict Archaeology is effectively divided into closed communities who do not interact to any large extent. These separate communities are divided by period and by nationality, so that a truly international Conflict Archaeology has yet to emerge. This book discusses these issues in detail, clearly outlining how they affect the development of Conflict Archaeology as a coherent branch of archaeology.</p> <p>SERIES: Debates in Archaeology</p> <p>Early European CastlesAristocracy and Authority, AD 800-1200Oliver Creighton, University of Exeter, UK</p> <p>UK May-12/ US Jul-12 14.99/$24.95 9781780930312 144pp Pap erback</p> <p>Medieval castles were, alongside the great cathedrals, the most recognisable buildings of the medieval world. Closely associated with concepts of justice, lordship and authority as well as military might, castles came to encapsulate the periods very essence. Looking at above- and below-ground evidence and examining a wide variety of sites from towering donjons to earth and timber castles in different parts of western Europe, this book explores the relationship between early castle building and the emergence of a new aristocracy. It also investigates the impact of authority on the organisation of the landscape.</p> <p>SERIES: Debates in Archaeology</p> <p>Shaky GroundContext, Connoisseurship and the History of Roman ArtElizabeth Marlowe, Colgate University, USA</p> <p>UK Sep-12/ US Nov-12 14.99/$24.95 9780715640647 160pp Pap erback</p> <p>The recent crisis in the world of antiquities collecting has prompted scholars and the general public to pay more attention than ever before to the questions of archaeological findspots and collecting history for newly found objects. When it comes to famous works that have been in major museums for many generations, such questions are rarely asked. Canonical pieces like the Barberini Togatus or the Fonseca bust of a Flavian lady appear in virtually every textbook on Roman art. This book argues that the question of archaeological origin should be the first asked, not only by museums, but by scholars as well.</p> <p>1</p> <p>Classics Catalogue 2012_BW.indd 1</p> <p>23/02/2012 11:55</p> <p>Classics Catalogue 2012_BW.indd 2</p> <p>A R C H A E O LO G Y &amp; E G YP TO LO G Y CLASSICS2</p> <p>The Anthropology of Hunter-GatherersKey Themes for ArchaeologistsVicki Cummings, University of Central Lancashire, UK</p> <p>SERIES: Debates in Archaeology</p> <p>This book provides a basic introduction to key debates in the study of huntergatherers, specifically from an anthropological perspective, but designed for an archaeological audience. Hunter-gatherers have been the focus of intense anthropological research and discussion over the last hundred years, and as such there is an enormous literature on communities all over the world. Yet among the diverse range of peoples studied, there are a number of recurrent themes, including not only the way in which people make a living (hunting, gathering and fishing) but also striking similarities in other areas such as belief systems and social organisation.</p> <p>UK Sep-12/ US Nov-12 14.99/$24.95 9781780932026 160pp Pap erback</p> <p>Vessels of InfluenceChina and Porcelain in Medieval and Early Modern JapanNicole Coolidge Rousmaniere, Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures, UK</p> <p>SERIES: Debates in Archaeology</p> <p>Vessels of Influence, while examining in depth the role of Chinese ceramics in Japan, also delves into the meaning, motivation for, and rapid development of Japanese porcelain from many angles, including archaeology, heirloom and documentary evidence. The political and fiscal advantage that one lord found for his domain in creating its own local china is placed in the context of the domestic and international market economy.</p> <p>UK Jun-12/ US Aug-12 14.99/$24.95 9780715634639 144pp Pap erback</p> <p>Dark Age EconomicsA New AuditRichard Hodges, Institute of World Archaeology, University of East Anglia, UK</p> <p>This new volume enlarges on the debate that continues thirty years after Richard Hodges ground-breaking Dark Age Economics was first published. Special attention is given to new evidence for managing agrarian economies and how this shaped the evolution of towns. Ranging across western Europe, a new thesis is advanced about the shift from the consumption economies of antiquity to the emphasis upon production in the Middle Ages.</p> <p>UK Jul-12/ US Sep-12 18.99/$32.95 9780715636794 224pp Pap erback</p> <p>BoudiccaMarguerite Johnson, University of Newcastle, Australia</p> <p>SERIES: Ancients in Ac tion Short incisive books introducing major figures of the ancient world to the modern general reader.</p> <p>Boudicca (Boadicea), Queen of the Iceni, is synonymous with rebellion and feminine strength, yet what we know of her is often far removed from the time in which she lived and the early authors who first wrote about her. As a classicist, Marguerite Johnson is well placed to interrogate the original sources, Tacticus and Cassius Dio, to unearth what the ancients thought of this most enigmatic heroine of British freedom. In a final chapter she addresses our continuing fascination with Boudicca, examining her later life through the lens of Reception Studies and paying particular attention to her appropriation by Suffragettes and their feminist successors.</p> <p>UK May-12/ US Jul-12 14.99/$24.95 9781853997327 160pp Pap erback</p> <p>23/02/2012 11:55</p> <p>CLASSICS &amp; ANCIENT HISTORY</p> <p>SERIES: Classic al World Designed for students and teachers of ancient history and classical civilisation at late school and early university levels.</p> <p>Studying Roman LawPaul du Plessis, University of Edinburgh, UK</p> <p>UK May-12/ US Jul-12 12.99/$19.95 9781780930268 128pp Pap erback</p> <p>Studying Roman Law provides a brief introduction to the legal world of the Romans. It contains an overview of the sources of Roman private law together with a survey of the main areas of the law. It also explains the context in which these rules operated and the mechanisms by which they were enforced against the backdrop of one of the most sophisticated and influential legal systems of the ancient world.</p> <p>SERIES: Clas sic al World</p> <p>The Roman Poetry of LoveElegy and Politics in a Time of RevolutionEfi Spentzou, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK</p> <p>UK Aug-12/ US Oct-12 12.99/$19.95 9781780932040 128pp Pap erback</p> <p>This study offers a fresh look at the gendered power play at work in Latin love elegy for the undergraduate student and any newcomer to the field. It reviews the elegiac corpus as a whole, presenting the most enduring debates in the scholarship of the last 30 years. A series of chapters focusing on particular poems illuminates the development of this short-lived genre in the context of Augustus ascent to power. It follows recognisable threads through the texts to build an understanding of the relationship between this poetry and the increasingly totalising regime.</p> <p>SERIES: Classic al World</p> <p>Greek SculptureGina Muskett, National Museums Liverpool, UK</p> <p>UK Jun-12/ US Aug-12 12.99/$19.95 9781780930282 128pp Pap erback</p> <p>Sculpture is one of the art forms for which Ancient Greece is renowned, serving as an inspiration to other societies from Ancient Rome to the present day. This book offers an accessible introduction to Ancient Greek sculpture from its beginnings in the eighth century BC to the end of the Hellenistic period in the second century BC. Other chapters feature the birth of Greek sculpture, its development after the death of Alexander the Great, and the widespread copying of famous sculptures in antiquity. Each chapter contains a case study highlighting a particular facet of the subject under discussion.</p> <p>SERIES: Classic al World</p> <p>Homer: The IliadWilliam Allan, University College, Oxford, UK</p> <p>UK Jul-12/ US Sep-12 12.99/$19.95 9781849668897 128pp Pap erback</p> <p>This book offers a clear and stimulating introduction to Homers Iliad, the greatest poem of Western culture. It discusses central aspects of the work (including the tradition of oral poetry, the epics depiction of heroism, the gods, and gender roles, as well as its style and structure) and guides the reader in understanding the skill and profundity of Homers achievement. This introduction is ideal for undergraduates and students in the upper forms of schools. It requires no knowledge of Ancient Greek and is intended for all readers interested in Homer.</p> <p>3</p> <p>Classics Catalogue 2012_BW.indd 3</p> <p>23/02/2012 11:55</p> <p>Classics Catalogue 2012_BW.indd 4</p> <p>CLASSICS &amp; ANCIENT HISTORY4</p> <p>Your Secret LanguageClassics in the British Colonies of West AfricaBarbara Goff, University of Reading, UK</p> <p>SERIES: Classic al D iaspora SERIES EDITOR: Sarah Annes Brown This new series includes volumes devoted to the reception of classical culture within individual countries as well as studies of broader topics which relate to the notion of Classical Diaspora.UK Sep-12/ US Nov-12 19.99/$34.95 9781780932057 192pp Pap erback</p> <p>This book is the first to examine the complex and contradictory history of classics in Sierra Leone, Ghana and Nigeria. It investigates how classical studies, as an integral part of colonial education, enforced a notion of cultural inferiority on African subjects, but conversely played an enabling role in nationalist expression. The enquiry is structured around three main questions: how classics contributed to the formation of a new class in the late nineteenth century; how classics was implicated in the ideological struggles of early twentieth-century education; and how the uses of classics changed in the years leading up to independence.</p> <p>Statius, Poet Between Rome and NaplesCarole E. Newlands, University of Colorado Boulder, USA</p> <p>SERIES: Classic al Literature and S ociet y SERIES EDITOR: David Taylor Considers Greek and Roman literature primarily in relation to genre, theme and social context.UK Sep-12/ US Nov-12 19.99/$34.95 9781780932132 224pp Pap erback</p> <p>This book examines the poetry of Statius (c. 40-96 AD), in relation to significant social and cultural issues of his day, in particular shifting attitudes to Hellenism, gender and Roman imperialism. It also discusses the reception of Statius poetry in the Middle Ages, when his reputation was at its zenith. Medieval interpretations of Statius epics suggest that their popularity rested in part on the prominence they give to female action and the female voice, thus suggesting new expressive and generic possibilities.</p> <p>Aeschylus: Prometheus BoundIan Ruffell, University of Glasgow, UK</p> <p>SERIES: Companions to G reek and Roman Tragedy SERIES EDITOR: Thomas Harrison Accessible introductions to ancient tragedies.UK Apr-12/ US Jun-12 14.99/$24.95 9780715634769 160pp Pap erback</p> <p>Prometheus Bound is a play beloved of revolutionaries, romantics and rebels, though its blazing idealism is tempered with an acute awareness of the compromises, dangers and obsessions of political action. This companion sets the play in its historical context, explores its challenge to authority, and traces its reception from the seventeenth to the twentieth century. Marxs favourite tragedy, Prometheus Bound, is also a fundamental text for the genre of science fiction, due to its influence on Mary Shelleys Frankenstein...</p>