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Class Notes:. The Cold War Thaws. The Evolution of Soviet Cold War Policy. Nikita Krushchchev. Stalin died in 1953 and Nikita Khrushchev became Soviet Premier in “ Destalinization ” started – purging society of Stalin’s memory - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Class Notes:The Cold War Thaws

1The Evolution of Soviet Cold War Policy2Nikita KrushchchevStalin died in 1953 and Nikita Khrushchev became Soviet Premier inDestalinization started purging society of Stalins memoryKhrushchev was more moderate and believed the USSR could beat the US economically

34Leonid BrezhnevLeonid Brezhnev became Soviet Premier in 1964He was more like Stalin and limited rights for the Soviet people Brezhnev Doctrine USSR could use force to keep satellite nations from turning away from Communism

56Mikhail GorbachevGorbachev took over soon after Brezhnevs death in 1982He was younger and more reform mindedglasnost a policy of openness to ideas and informationperestroika restructuring the Soviet economy with less decisions being made by the Soviet state and more locallydemocratization policy to open up the political system

7The Evolution of American Cold War Policy8Harry Truman & Dwight EisenhowerFollowed policy of containment and domino theoryStarted build up of nuclear weapons under Eisenhower (new look military)Emphasized American economic superiority US was prosperous and free in society

9John F. Kennedy & Lyndon B. JohnsonBrinkmanship replaced containment (taking nation to the brink of war without backing down)U-2 incident heightened tensionsCuban Missile Crisis example of brinkmanship and made use of nuclear weapons a real possibilityVietnam War took center stage and was major campaign of Cold War

10Richard NixonFollowed policy of dtente (lessening of tensions)Also realpolitik (dealing with each other realistically)Nixon visited China and the USSRSALT I limited numbers of ICBMs and submarine missiles

11Ronald ReaganDtente had fallen apart with the two previous presidentsReagan was a cold warrior fiercely anti-communistIncreased military spending SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative)NUTS Nuclear Utilization Theory (you could survive a nuclear attack with acceptable casualties)

12The End of the Cold War13Collapse of the Soviet UnionDissent was getting stronger in Soviet satellite nations (even as early as 1956 in Hungary and 1968 in Czechoslovakia)Gorbachev had loosened the grip of the Communist Party on all parts of Soviet lifeThe USSR could not keep up with the military spending of the USDecember of 1991, the USSR ceased to exist (broke apart)