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Class Discussion Friday, November 22nd. In your opinion, what should the USAs policy on immigration be? What are the pros / cons to your position?. After today. Students will explore both sides of the USA immigration debate. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


CDQ #2 Monday, November 23rd

In your opinion, what should the USAs policy on immigration be? What are the pros / cons to your position?Class DiscussionFriday, November 22nd1After todayStudents will explore both sides of the USA immigration debate.Students will look at migration patterns within and from Latin AmericaStudents will find and analyze political cartoons on immigration.2HomeworkFind 3 current events stories over the 5 day Thanksgiving break.These stories can be from a variety of sources: print, radio, internet, television.Provide Mr. Henry with a copy or link to the site where you found the story.Write a short synopsis (5 -7 sentences) of the story.Be prepared to discuss the story AND your feelings about the story when you return.

3Class NotesThe 1960s and 1970s were a time of tremendous population growth in most parts of Latin America.The 1990s and 2000s have generally seen declining rates of fertility in this region due to factors like increased urbanization & education.Exceptions: Guatemala & Bolivia two rural countries with high Amerindian populations.4BoliviaPresident Evo Morales is one of the few indigenous Americans to lead a Latin American country.He is a socialist who advocates land reform and redistribution of wealth.He is often critical of the USA and its policies.

5Political Cartoon

6Class NotesAfter gaining their independence from Iberian (European) countries many of LA new leaders sought to increase immigration from their former Colonial masters.From the 1870s to 1930s large numbers of Italians, Portuguese, Spanish, and Germans immigrated to Southern Cone countries.The DeKirchners of Argentina Former and current President.

7Class NoteBetween 1908 and 1978 a quarter million Japanese immigrated to Brazil which is now home to 1.3 million people of Japanese descent.In more recent years much of this immigration has come from South Korea.Former President of Peru Alberto Fujimori

8Political Cartoon

9Class NotesMigration occurs within the region of Latin America due to shifting economic and political realities.PUSH EG Civil War in El SalvadorPULL EG Venezuelas oil boom.

10HoweverAmericans are most familiar with immigration INTO the United States from Latin America.While the majority of Hispanic immigrants in the USA are Mexican - not all immigrants from this region are Mexican.Hispanics are the fastest growing segment of the USAs population.



13Political Cartoon

14Border crossing gone bad15

Agricultural Workers16TransnationalismTransnationalism is the phenomenon whereby many migrants maintain close ties with their home countries.Remittance Payments are transfers of money from one country to another. According to the NY Times about 50 billion dollars leaves the USA annually in recent years.This is an important source of income for many LDCs

Build a bigger wall????18Background ResearchGO TO: nytimes.comSEARCH: Arizona Immigration LawASK: Do you agree with this law? Why or Why Not?HAS your opinion on immigration been influenced by anything you have heard today?19ANALYZE - #1



CitizenshipGO TO: the shorter version of the test and record your score.

23After todayStudents will look at LA immigration patterns.Students will find and analyze political cartoons on immigration.Students will explore both sides of the USA immigration debate.24


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