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<ul><li><p>8/13/2019 Clasa a 7a Final2013</p><p> 1/4</p><p>The Clock-Tower School National Contest~ January 2013 ~</p><p>GR!" #</p><p>SECTION I - GRAMMAR &amp; VOCABULARY</p><p>I.</p><p>A. Which action happened i!"t#</p><p>Read ca!e$%% then '!ite a "entence "ta!tin( 'ith )*i!"t+,</p><p>a$ %hen we arri&amp;e'( the orchestra ha' alrea'y starte' to )lay the o)enin* )art o+ the concert,</p><p>.$ /y the tie we *ot hoe( Gran'other ha' )re)are' +or us a 'elicious cake,</p><p>c$ ha' ust turne' o++ y co)uter when elen aske' e to search +or a reci)e on the internet,</p><p>'$ The thie&amp;es ha' taken all the oney +ro the .ank .y the tie the 4olice arri&amp;e',</p><p>e$ %hen we le+t /ucharest it ha' alrea'y starte' to snow,</p><p> / 0 12 3OINTS</p><p>B. Co4p%ete the "econd "entence "o that it ha" the "a4e 4eanin( a" the i!"t $"in( the 'o!d</p><p>(i5en.</p><p>1, 5ou ha&amp;e to switch o++ the o.ile )hone at the 6)era,</p><p>78ST</p><p>/5</p><p>T6</p><p>C689!</p><p>/""N</p><p>7o.ile )hones at the 6)era,2, Gaston 9erou: wrote the no&amp;el The 4hanto o+ the 6)era,</p><p>The no&amp;el The 4hanto o+ the 6)era </p><p>3, Scientists e:)ect that sart )hones will re)lace the or'inary 'eskto)s one 'ay,</p><p>Sart )hones </p><p>;, 7o</p></li><li><p>8/13/2019 Clasa a 7a Final2013</p><p> 2/4</p><p>C. *i%% in 'ith ONE "$ita6%e 'o!d.</p><p>1, The ol' house looke' so cree)y they were scare',</p><p>2, The 7ath teacher +oun' 'i++icult to ake stu'ents un'erstan' the issue,</p><p>3, e 'eci'e' to *i&amp;e sokin*,;,; This is a secret you an' e&gt;,</p><p>=, t ust .e a year we last ha' 'inner to*ether,</p><p>?, won'er she looks like, %e@&amp;e talke' a lot on the )hone,</p><p>#, nee' that .ook as as )ossi.le,</p><p>A, %e@' rather ha&amp;e chicken )ork,</p><p>B, %hen you *et to 4aris 'on@t +or*et to soe )hotos o+ ersailles,</p><p>10, Justin *oes to a +itness clu. e&amp;ery two 'ays to +it an' look healthy,</p><p>12 3OINTS</p><p>II.</p><p>A.Unde!%ine the co!!ect choice.</p><p>1, 6h( y Go'&gt; can@t .elie&amp;e it&gt; 5ou burned/ve burnedthe chicken in the o&amp;en, n'</p><p>the *uests will .e here in hal+ an hour&gt;</p><p>2, Christian@s co)uter )ro*ras are *reat, e developed/has developed interacti&amp;e</p><p>so+tware since 2010, e created/has created the Cicero a))lication +or l)ha</p><p>Co)any last year,</p><p>3, enoy tra&amp;ellin* aroun' the worl', have been/wasin ustralia a +ew ties( it@s a</p><p>)lace to coe .ack to, n Sal</p></li><li><p>8/13/2019 Clasa a 7a Final2013</p><p> 3/4</p><p>C. Co4p%ete the 7$e"tion". U"e 7$e"tion ta(".</p><p>1, That .a* is yours( E</p><p>2, %e ustn@t 'rink alcohol( E</p><p>3, She can )lay the )iano( E</p><p>;, %e ha&amp;e to learn ore( E</p><p>=, 9et@s *o out +or a walk( E</p><p>SECTION II - WRITING</p><p> / 0 12 3OINTS</p><p>III.Socia%i8in( on the inte!net i" a pop$%a! p!actice no'ada". Mo"t peop%e ha5e a 5i!t$a%</p><p>acco$nt and the t'eet o! po"t 4e""a(e" on *ace6oo9. The!e a!e "o4e po"iti5e and ne(ati5e</p><p>a"pect" a6o$t the i""$e.</p><p>Sha!e o$! opinion 'ith $": 6a"ed on o$! pe!"ona% epe!ience and;o! "to!ie" !o4 peop%e o$</p><p>9no'. W!ite no 4o!e than 1</p></li><li><p>8/13/2019 Clasa a 7a Final2013</p><p> 4/4</p><p>= 3OINTS</p><p>TOTAL&gt; 122 3OINTS</p><p>llowe' tieF 2 hours</p><p>5ou will recei&amp;e 10 .onus )oints,</p></li></ul>