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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>City of Bowling Green City Government Slide 2 Bowling Green Slide 3 Bowling Green at a Glance Incorporated 1812 Form of government: City Manager Population: 51,294 Area: 35 square miles Time Zone: Central Area Code: 270 Slide 4 City Flag The city flag is green with a fountain on it. The fountain is from Fountain Square Park. The fountain in Fountain Square Park. Slide 5 Mayor Elaine Walker The mayor is elected every four years. Mayor Walker is the third woman mayor in Bowling Green history. Slide 6 City Council City Commissioners are elected every four years. The Council holds meetings twice a month. Meetings are open so anyone can come and listen. Joe Denning, Brian Strow, Mayor Walker, Bruce Wilkerson, Brian Slim Nash Slide 7 Commissioner Joe Denning Mr. Denning worked with the City School Commission for 17 years. He is the first black commissioner in Bowling Green history. Slide 8 Commissioner Brian Strow Mr. Strow is a professor of economics at Western Kentucky University. Slide 9 Commissioner Bruce Wilkerson Mr. Wilkerson is a retired police officer. He is also a local businessman. Slide 10 Commissioner Brian Nash Mr. Nash has spent his entire career in public service. He has worked a lot with troubled youth. Slide 11 City Management There are many boards that help the mayor and the city council run Bowling Green. The members of each board are appointed by Mayor Walker. City Hall Slide 12 City Boards and Services Public Transportation Buses for people who cant drive. Municipal Utilities Water and electricity for our homes Police &amp; Fire Make our community safe Trash Collection Slide 13 City Boards and Services Human Rights Commission Helps people who are hurt because they are different. Public Libraries Buy books and take care of the libraries. Historic Preservation They take care of old buildings important to Bowling Green history. And many more. Slide 14 City and County There are many things that the city and the county work on together. Contractors Licensing Board Contractors Licensing Board Drug Task Force Emergency Management Emergency Management Planning Commission Slide 15 Learn More Slide 16 Core Content 1 st &amp; 2 nd grades SS-EP-1.2.1 Students will describe how their local government is structured (e.g., mayor, city council, judge-executive, fiscal court, local courts) and compare their local government to other community governments in Kentucky. Student Target I can identify and explain the basic purpose of local government. I can identify and explain examples of services local governments provide. I can describe how my local government is structured. </p>


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