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The first issue of the Canuck in 2012! Made by JB Canada, for JB Canada, this magazine connects JBers coast to coast. Happy Valentine's Day!


  • Canuck February 2012

  • First things first: a hello from your new Eh Team!

    The National Junior Board team has been working super hard the last two

    months to get acquainted with our new positions and pass all important info

    on to you!

    Here are some updates on the Eh Team life:

    Were going to start with a lil

    personal update, then move on to

    the business!

    Dow here, writing to you all the

    way from Australia! I was

    just in New Zealand where I wrote

    this, so rather than change it all, yall

    can just read when Ive got: Im just

    about to head down to Queenstown For some more amazing site seeing and potentially some more bungee jumping! Ive just

    finished my seminar camp and have met some truly amazing people! The weather is

    phenomenal down here, which is a nice change from the bitter cold that is a Canadian

    winter. Im headed to Christchurch for a quick visit this weekend; theyve just finished a

    summer Camp where Maia from Halifax was a participant! Shout out to the Canadian

    delegation! So Ill pop in and check out the quake damage and see what sort of

    community service I can help with. Lots of love from the Bottom of the world! Talk to you all very soon I hope! - Dow

    j.shelds here writing all the way from Toronto. Not nearly as

    exciting The NJRs have been BUSY! Weve registered for IJBC & AIM, two really important international meetings

    happening in Paris in July/August, and have been attending

    as many local JB events as possible.

    Coming up: Feb 7 = JB North Summit

    meeting with the 7 NJRs from JB North!

    March 1 5 = NJR mid-way meeting in

    Calgary, April 1 = IJR

    nominations due!

  • Once upon a time, on opposite sides of a land called Canada, there lived two

    wonderful CISV people. They were called Travis (Fredericton), and

    Amy(Victoria). Now Travis and Amy were pretty dedicated CISV people, both

    participate regularly in CISV programs, and both planning on naming their

    first born child Doris, regardless of gender. Because of this love and

    dedication they were elected into the co-position of (JB)DCC (Junior

    Branch)Development Committee Coordinators. Their job being; the

    coordination of the development committee, which is made up of other

    wonderful and dedicated CISVers across this beautiful and diverse place

    called Canada.

    In the year of 2012 Travis and Amy were excited to be coordination a great

    number of (JB)DCC projects! The first project, the one closest to Travis' heart

    was the Song Book, which is a compilation of CISV-like songs, decorated by all

    the chapters and bound into a beautiful book for JBers to enjoy.

    (Emails have gone out to the [Jr] Chapter Chairs informing them of the song titles their

    chapter is responsible for, please get your songs to us ASAP!!)

    A new idea for a bedtime story book is in the works, from the creative brain of Mitch D

    (London), more info coming soon!

    The second project is brand new, it is a CISV movie club entitled CISV

    filmreviewsforpeace. It was created and run by Sarah A and Sierra P (Victoria) The first

    film is Prom Night in Mississippi, please go to their Facebook page for more details.

    Another Facebook initiative is the CISV Canada Challenges group which was made for all

    the Chapters in Canada to participate and/or compete in fun challenges. So far there are 2

    challenges, #1 by London, and #2 by Victoria/Vancouver, check out the Facebook page for

    more details. It is currently being run by Amy, and Samantha H

    (If you don't have facebook, but would still like to participate, let us know and

    arrangements will be made to support you) In order to support the (JB)DCCs each chapter

    has been asked to have a position on their board of a L(JB)DCC (Local JBDCC), their job

    is to communicate between their chapter and Travis&Amy. Talk to your chairs about who

    is in this role in your chapter!

    If you would like to be involved in any ongoing project, or if you have an idea for a project

    that you would like help on please let us know!!! We would love your help/ would love to

    help you!

    Travis and Amy love talking with you, so keep in touch!! Friend us on Facebook (Jbdcubed

    Cisvcanada) AND follow us on twitter (@JuniorBrancDCC)

  • Hello hello JB Canada!

    Love is in the air this Valentines Day, and we can tell you that we are in love with the

    cross-Canada CISV awesomeness we get to be part of as the CommSquad. Its

    February and Emily is finally starting to enjoy the Toronto winter while Grace is just so

    excited to see snow in Guelph! We both think the snow just makes everything look so

    much better! Emily is loving how much nicer it is to look at the window a while well

    shes there working hard (or hardly working, you never know). Grace is loving building

    snowmen with her roommates instead of studying!

    We hope youve been enjoying our little love notes reminding everyone about sending

    in Canuck articles and mailing out postcards because we sure enjoy writing them!

    Love from the CommSquad

    Emily and Grace

  • Love, The Eh Team

    Jokes that was just an awkwardly staged family photo!

    This is us in real life:

  • This is a whole lot of important national news pertaining directly to juniors like you, so read on friends!

    This is an awesome chance to explore CISV's most up to date developments, we will share tools and ideas as to how to make your chapter grow, and we will

    discuss how all parts of a chapter can cooperate!

    More info:

    Sound cool but cant make the trip to Ecuador? Watch for information in the future about a training happening in Vancouver around NBM!

  • MINI CAMPS! Planning a Mini Camp? Dont forget to check out all of the CISV Canada forms and resources. Mini Camp registration form? Weve got you covered! Want some risk management planning tips? Take a look at the check list because risk is everywhere! Need a Mini Camp information form to send out? We have the perfect one for you! Make use of all these awesome new standardized forms at ALL your mini camps! For access to this go to the CISV Canada website ( From there click on resources, risk management and lastly Mini Camps! Just follow these steps and you can access all of these lovely forms. Or you can just follow this link

    Sportsss Hey Juniors Super news, the sports exclusion from our insurance policy has been removed!! What this means is that we can play sports now. Woooooooooooo. BUT please be aware JB should still avoid organized league activities or tournaments and just like before we need to avoid high contact sports like wrestling or rugby. So as long as you it isnt a league activity, a tournament of a high contact sport play all the sports!


    Know someone super awesome who would make an amazing IJR? Well IJR nominations are now open so NOMINATE THEM! How do you nominate? E-mail our lovely NJRs at and they can do the nominating for you. Its that easy. Nominations are due by April 1at, 2012 so dont delay!

    Whats happening when in international JB!

  • Now, of course, updates from some Canadian JB!

    Hey Hey JB Canada!

    When lost in the wonderful world of London, Ontario, one might sing Christmas Carols at the

    retirement home, toboggan at the famous Doige park, or find a nice movie to watch. Or, in the case of

    our JB, you might just do all three! In December, we hit up the Old Folks home to sing some Carols with

    the residents, and what a cheery bunch they were! For the January event, we went tobogganing at

    Londons very own Doige park, followed by hot chocolate, pizza and a movie. We made a good effort at

    enduring two and a half hours of Chiddy Chiddy Bang Bang, but shut it off halfway through.

    Our Exec is currently working on organizing our February event, and, of course, Cookie-A-Thon

    in March. We are confident that London will take the cake for this years Cookie-A-Thon Challenge.

    There will be no margarine for error! We knead to win! (See what I did there?)

    Only joking, we doughnt want to get too competitive.

    Much love,

    JB London

    P.S. Expect a special surprise from JB London in the mail sometime soon!

  • Hey CISV Canada! How y'all doing!? Victoria is alright.. rainy as usual. We had a snow day in January after 10 cm of snow! Laugh at us Canada! Anyway, JB Victoria had a wonderful holiday season. In December we had a potluck and food security awareness night, complete with a very successful food and warm clothing drive. Our steering committee also ran an activity with JB Victoria families centred around food security and poverty in our city. It was a fun and educational night that gave everybody some perspective on how fortunate we are. We then went our separate ways for the holidays! We have had one meeting since then and look forward to our big spring minicamp in march! Yay! Much love, CISV Victoria

  • Happy February Canada!

    The Canuck will be back again in a few months, wait for us!