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    THIRD PARTY STRUCTURAL REVIEW With effect from May 3rd, 2009, our IOC-06619 dated 29th March 2006 and IOC-07936 dated 21st May 2006 will be superseded by CIRCULAR-52027/2009/sk dated 20-04-2009 Third Party technical report will be applicable only for the nature of projects noted below: 1.

    a. Building structures of heights > 30 Floors. b. Building structures with area exceeding 50,000 m. c. Specialized development including repetition of same structures and features.

    2. Minimum qualification and requirements of the Third Party Consultant shall be:

    a. Valid professional license for Unlimited Category from Dubai Economic Department for Local Consultants.

    b. Valid professional license for Structural Design Review from Dubai Economic

    Department for Branch Office of Foreign Consultants.

    c. Personal required for the assignment shall be (3) three Senior Structural Engineers who are permanently employed with minimum 10 years design experience and qualified for unlimited category from Dubai Municipality. They should have full knowledge of all international standards and codes applicable for structural design and construction practice including experience in carrying out value engineering assessment and recommendation.

    d. Local Consultants shall have previous experience in the design of at least one project

    similar to the applied structure.

    e. Foreign Consultants shall provide documentary evidence to prove their eligibility pertaining to reviewing of similar projects in their country of origin.

    f. Assigned engineers shall be accredited by Trakhees Civil Engineering Department

    Accreditation Program in Blue and Green Codes including the Assessment Test conducted for unlimited category.

    To: All Business Units, Consultants & Contractors

    Subject: Third Party Structural Review

    Our Ref: CIRCULAR-52027/2009/sk

    Date: 26-04-2009

  • g. Valid Professional Indemnity Insurance shall cover scope of Professional Services.

    h. Shall obtain Trakhees Civil Engineering Department approval for each individual project prior to signing of the agreement.

    3. The agreement shall include but not limited to the following Scope of Services:

    a. Shall review and certify the complete structural design proposed by Design Consultant.

    b. Shall provide a detailed structural report including all aspects of the review process.

    c. Shall provide a report containing all communications and Correspondence with

    Design Consultant.

    d. Shall attend all meetings held between Trakhees Civil Engineering Department and Design Consultant during the process of the issuance of the building permit.

    All revisions after the issuance of the Building Permit shall be executed by Design Consultant unless the revisions have a major impact on the stability of the structural system which shall be reviewed and certified by Third Party Consultant prior to submitting the application. ENGR.ABDULLA BELHOUL DIRECTOR CIVIL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT Cc: M-file

    2009-04-26T10:27:06+0400Abdulla M. Belhoul