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  1. 1. Cinnamon Shaker
  2. 2. Shaker Style Cinnamon shaker cabinets are a fusion of the traditional oak grain patterns and the modern shaker style door. They have solid wood doors with a plywood center panel and solid wood frames. Its a face frame style that is flat on all sides and doesnt protrude into your storage space or the opening of the cabinet The Side panels and shelves are lumbercore material, which means that the core has a consistency of the same type of wood so it is less susceptible to warping and shrinking.
  3. 3. Pantry Cabinets Pantry cabinets come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit any kitchen. Pantry cabinets are some of the most crucial parts of your kitchen and they must be wide enough and deep enough to hold the non-perishable foods in your house. When outfitting your kitchen with new cabinets, consider buying RTA kitchen cabinets online for extra savings.
  4. 4. Vanity Cabinets Vanity cabinets installed under sinks can take a little more time and effort. Dont let that persuade you from buying discount kitchen cabinets online however, because the process isnt as difficult as it sounds. RTA vanity cabinets will hold your sinks as sturdily as any cabinet, provided the assembly instructions are followed correctly.
  5. 5. Base Cabinets Before installing any type of cabinets, you want to get the measurements correct. Base cabinets will probably be put in first when you start assembling and installing your cabinets. Start measuring by drawing a level line three inches up from the floor. After this, use a tape measure determine the highs and lows in the floor. This will help you in the installation.
  6. 6. Wall Cabinets Wall cabinets will be harder to install than floor cabinets. Start by locating all of the studs in your kitchen. After finding your studs, begin by marking the upper and lower reaches of your hanging units. Try to se a piece of 1''x3'' stock and about 2 to 4 three inch screws to connect the stock to the upper and lower reaches of where you want your cabinets to be. This will give you a three inch wide foundation to mount your upper cabinets to.
  7. 7. Accessories After installation, its time to figure out what type of accessories you want. The most obvious accessories you want are handles or knobs so that you can open your cabinets. There is a wide selection of handles and knobs you can choose from, so feel free to get creative.
  8. 8. Bathrooms RTA cabinets arent only made for kitchens. You can also purchase cabinets for your bathroom as well. This will allow you to color code your house and match your rooms together.
  9. 9. Repairs and Touch-Ups If you need to repair your cabinets, you can purchase kits online, usually from the company where you bought the cabinets originally. Touch-up kits will help you if your cabinets become scratched or worn in places. They can also help fill in and repair gouges without having to purchase a whole new cabinet.
  10. 10. Why Buy Online? Buying wholesale kitchen cabinets online is a wise option for anyone remodeling their entire kitchen. For one thing, buying cabinets online is much cheaper, and with online designing services, you can see what your kitchen will look like before you buy your supplies. Buying RTA cabinets means more assembly time, but you dont have to worry about delivery or paying someone to set up your new kitchen.