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  1. 1. Table of Contents Curriculum Vitae 4 Project 1 Fashion Enterprise - VALKYRIE 6 Project 2 Private Label Management - STATIC 30 Project 3 Store Layout - TONYMOLY 36 Project 4 Fashion Show - Fashion Night Out 46 Project 5 Trend Analysis - Grace Anatomy 48 Project 6 Visual Presentation - Breakfast at Tiffanys 56 Project 7 Fashion Phenomena - Fashion Comparison Book 58 Project 8 Business Portfolio - Magazine Spread Layout 62
  2. 2. 4 Cindy Mulyadi I recently graduated from LaSalle College Jakarta majoring in Fashion Business. I have a passion for fashion particularly in the field of trend researching, fashion editorials and journalism. Experienced in handling ambitious deadlines, organized, conversationalist, responsible, and a good team-player. Personal Details Birthday: 10 February 1996 Address: Perum. Citra Garden 2 Block K2 No. 19 Cengkareng 11830 Telp: 087-888-069-111 Education History LaSalle College Jakarta (Jakarta)[2013 - 2014] Deyi Secondary School (Singapore) [2009 - 2012] Dian Kasih International School (Jakarta) [2005 - 2008] Sekolah Vianney (Jakarta)[1998 - 2004] Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) Adobe Photoshop CS6 Adobe InDesign CS6 Fluent in written and spoken English Fluent in basic written and spoken Chinese Personal Skills Excellent time management skills Integrity Highly motivated Excellent leadership skills Hardworking Highly Sociable/ Communicative Responsible Punctual Committed Ambitious Character & Personality Watching Movies Reading Socializing Listening to Good Music Hobbies & Interests
  3. 3. 5 Intern Yongki Komaladi Interned as a sales associate and administrative personnel for the local footwear brand Yongki Komaladi. Dresser and Stylist Ichwan Thoha Workedasadresserandstylistfortheesteemedfashiondesigner, Ichwan Thoha, for many of his fashion shows. Work Experience Fashion Bloom & Beautiphoria Project Manager LaSalle College Jakarta In charge of overseeing LaSalle College Jakartas annual fashion talk show event themed ELECTRIBAL and received a letter of recommendation from the school. Choir President Deyi Secondary School President of the school choir for two consecutive years, which is preceded by the title of Student Conductor for one year. Student Council Head of Operations Deyi Secondary School HeadoftheStudentCouncilOperationscommittee.Jobincludes planning, and overseeing all school-related activities and events, as well as writing up proposals. Academic Experience Best Enterprise Group LaSalle College Jakarta Awarded with Best Enterprise Group for final business project in LaSalle College Jakarta. Teamed up with Cindy S. Tamboto and Ghea Nazara in the creation of the womenswear brand VALKYRIE. Direct School Admission Victoria Junior College OfferedaplaceatoneofthetoptertiaryinstitutionsinSingapore, Victoria Junior College (VJC) that is known for housing the 9th best youth & children choirs in the world. Top 10% list Deyi Secondary School Among the Top 10% scorers of the entire batch of Secondary Four students. GOLD awards 3rd Singapore Performers Festival & Chamber Music Competition Awarded with GOLD for the two piano pieces performed in Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, Singapore. Awards & Achievements [2014] [2013] [2013] [2010 - 2012] [2010 - 2012] [2014] [2012] [2012] [2010]
  4. 4. 6 VALKYRIE is a retail startup business founded by Ghea Nazara, Cindy S. Tamboto and myself. It is conceived from the idea of creating a contemporary line of fashion-forward and edgy styles for women between the ages of 20 to 34. Collections boast the brands signature style of a clean silhouette and the interplay between the different fabric textures. The project aims to incorporate all the knowledge acquired throughout the two-year Diploma program. We are tasked to come up with a complete business package including: business plan, technical pack, packaging, business card, booth, and many more. We were given ten weeks to complete this project and the result is proven to be of outstanding quality as we are awarded with Best Enterprise Group 2014. Fashion Enterprise Project VALKYRIE
  5. 5. 7 Best Enterprise Group 2014 The Booth
  6. 6. 8 Final Box Set Box Interior
  7. 7. 9 Sample Report Content Sample Report Content
  8. 8. 10 EQUILIBRIUM Spring/Summer 2015 EQUILIBRIUM, like the name suggests, is a state of balance, be it emotional or mental. We envision women to be comfortable in their own skin, to let some skin peek through our sheer play of fabrics, and leave the rest to the imagination with our solid fabrics. The warm neutral colors are perfect for the Indonesian skin tone.
  9. 9. 11 Moodboard Collection Technical Drawing
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  28. 28. 30 STATIC is a brand concept developed by Dewi Kristiani, Jessica Jennifer, and myself in 2014. It is a futuristic, and edgy street-style line of clothing for the younger female market between the ages of 20 to 30. The word STATIC represents our idea of the powerful spark of beauty and self-confidence within each woman that is simply waiting to be explored and expressed to its fullest potential. This course aims to prepare us for our Fashion Enterprise Project. We completed this project within thirteen weeks which include: business plan, technical pack, packaging, look book, catalogue, four samples of clothing, and two samples of accessories. Private Label Management STATIC
  29. 29. 31 Final Report Technical Pack
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  34. 34. 36 My final store layout project is based on the South-Korean cosmetics brand, TONYMOLY. The brand aims to reassure their customers that they can achieve that same beautiful skin they once had through products that are carefully researched, produced, and sincerely delivered to cater to the various skin issues. TONYMOLY is chasing the concept of Joyful Beauty that is clearly translated into their products especially in terms of their packaging. The designed store layout is for units 183 and 184 on the first floor of Taman Anggrek Mall, with dimensions of 8 by 10 meters. Soft, pastel colors of mint, pink, and baby blue are incorporated into the store layout. The wooden elements add a comforting and natural touch to the store that will balance out the playful colors. Store Layout TonyMoly
  35. 35. 37 Final Book Cover Content
  36. 36. 38 Floor Plan Private Semi Private Public Zoning
  37. 37. 39 Front Entrance Elevation Wood Parquette (Flooring) Carpette (Flooring) Wood (Furniture) Painted Wood (Furniture) Painted Wood (Furniture) Painted Wood (Furniture) Material & Decoration
  38. 38. 40 Back Elevation Cashier Area Elevation
  39. 39. 41 Left Side Elevation Right Side Elevation
  40. 40. 42 Front Entrance Vanity Area
  41. 41. 43 Store View from Front Entrance Cashier Area
  42. 42. 44 Left Side View Right Side View
  43. 43. 45 Private Spa Room Storage Room
  44. 44. 46 In the past, I have worked as dresser/stylist for local fashion designer, Ichwan Thoha, on various fashion shows, the most notable one being the Fashion Night Out that took place in EXODUS, Kuningan City. The show boasts Thohas Spring/Summer 2013 collection that features his signature bow ties along with swimming trunks, dress jackets, and many more. Fashion Show Fashion Night Out
  45. 45. 47
  46. 46. 48 In this project, we are tasked to interpret our assigned theme or famous person into a fashion spread. Together with two other members, we put together many different looks of the style icon, Grace Jones. Grace Jones is a Jamaican singer, songwriter, model, record producer, and actress. Jones distinctive androgynous appearance, square-cut, angular padded clothing, manner, and significant height influenced the cross-dressing movement of the 80s. Based on our research, the established concept of this project is to portray neo-tribal edginess using pieces from our very own wardrobe in our editorial shoot. Trend Analysis "Grace Anatomy
  47. 47. 49 Feature Cover Spread Perspective One Spread Magazine Perspective
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  54. 54. 56 Breakfast at Tiffanys is a 1961 American romantic comedy film starring Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard. Hepburns portrayal of Holly Golightly as the nave, eccentric caf society girl is generally considered to be the actress most memorable and identifiable role. The opening scene in which Hepburn is seen standing outside the shop looking into the windows of Tiffany & Co. on Fifth Avenue in New York City is perceived to be the most iconic scene from the movie. Taking that scene, me and four other team members have come up with a window display right outside our campus. The display takes the perspective of being inside the Tiffany & Co. store, looking out into the streets of New York City. Visual Presentation Breakfast at Tiffanys
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  56. 56. 58 This book aims to compare and evaluate past styles with modern clothing. Since fashion is being recycled from time to time, styles from the past might become popular again in modern times. Each similarities and differences are analyzed because they have the potential to be interpreted differently in the present according to the norms of the time. This project is completed within a time span of two weeks. Fashion Phenomena Fashion Comparison Book
  57. 57. 59 Book Cover Sample Content