cindapa wairakei conference – 13 june 2014

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CINDAPA Wairakei Conference 13 June 2014. Kent Holdsworth Community Ethnic & Youth Manager Waikato Prevention First. Aim to prevent reduce offending and victimisation Road policing social driving - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • CINDAPA Wairakei Conference 13 June 2014Kent HoldsworthCommunity Ethnic & Youth Manager

  • Prevention FirstAim to prevent reduce offending and victimisationRoad policing social driving

  • School Community OfficersPES/YES SCOsPrimarily Educators primarily prevention or problem solvers Developing new programs cyber

  • NegotiationPolice Negotiation Team (PNT)

    We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.

  • Structure

  • Problem IndividualsThree general groups are recognised as potential hostage takers




  • May 8, 2009Chaucer Rd Napier New Zealand

  • Columbine High SchoolApril 20, 1999Jefferson County, Colorado


  • Scenario One15 year old Kim, one of your students is on the roof of the highest building at your school. She is threatening to jump off.

    You have heard Kims parents are separating. Her younger sister is also at the school.

    What do you do?

  • Scenario OneRing 111Get collegial supportMake area safeYour own safety is paramountThen the safety of othersThen Kims safetyLearn what has happenedMake sure the sister is not in view

  • Scenario OneApproach Kim slowly explaining what you are doingOnly one person speaks to KimWatch your body languageIntroduce yourself If you dont know Kim ask her nameAsk Kim what she is doing Are you trying to commit suicide?Do not try to grab Kim

  • Voice

    The Negotiators #1 ToolMy Mom says she hopes I havekids like me but I dont like the way she says it

  • Scenario Two14 year old Dan is not achieving academically and not socializing successfully with his class mates

    His father Sam contacts the school and makes an appointment to speak with you, Dans teacher. Sam is known to be angry and volatile.

    How do you engage with Sam?

  • Scenario TwoIf you have safety concerns have a second person present or nearby If Sams behaviour becomes unacceptable stop the conversation ask him to leaveExplain your concerns directly and factuallyIf Sam gets angry let him vent then try againAcknowledge his emotions You sound frustrated

  • Scenario TwoBe aware of body languageUse active listening skills (dont try and use them all in one conversation)Use hooksUse triggersTalk about the future Build a sense of trust

  • Active Listening SkillsMOREPIESMinimal encouragersOpen-ended questionsReflecting/MirroringEmotion LabelingParaphrasingI messagesEffective pauses - silenceSummary

  • NegotiatorsEngageConverse naturallyMake them feel safeActive listening, empathy, rapport, influence, changeHave confidenceNegotiation is about listening

  • Important pointsTalking about suicide will not make someone commit suicide (**suicide contagion)Never attempt to grab a suicidal personBe empathetic not sympathetic Time is your friendNever lieYou can use reality (but get your timing right)Always de-brief any situation

  • FutureDifferent types of jobs e.g. civil demonstrations, training our own staffTerrorismSocial media

  • Terrorism

  • How do you get hold of PNT?Emergency - ring 111Ring your local station and ask for a negotiator or PNTKent.holdsworth@police.govt.nz021 191 2503

    Thank you


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