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Details of the Christos Industrial Greenfield property in the Lewisburg Industrial Park in Lewisburg, TN.


  • 1. Prepared by: Greg Lowe City of Lewisburg Director of Economic Development (931) 359-1544 Office (931) 993-7499 Cell Christos Industrial Site Profile Welcome to Lewisburg In the Middle of Everything

2. Lewisburg Page 2 Christos Industrial Site Table of Contents Mission Statement The City of Lewisburg will be a center of industry and commerce for the southern middle Tennessee region. The Lewisburg Economic and Community Development Office will be a professional, active, efficient and effective partner with the State of Tennessee, Marshall County, industries, retail developers, its citizens, regional workforce and all related agencies whose goal is to encourage smart growth and economic well-being throughout the region. Page 3 Letter of Welcome Pages 4-7 Christos Industrial Site Details & Photos Pages 8-10 Maps Pages 11 Regional Workforce Data Page 12 Lewisburg Advantages & Incentives 3. Lewisburg Page 3 Christos Industrial Site Welcome to Lewisburg, TN We are very excited to tell you about an opportunity we have to offer in the Lewisburg Industrial Park. The Christos Industrial Site Is located less than 1 mile from Hwy 431 Is less than 8 miles from Interstate 65 (Exits 32 & 37) Is located in the Lewisburg Industrial Park Has 47.4 acres of Developable Property Is priced at $20,000/acre Is all Municipal Utilities and Telecom Ready This is your invitation to a promising partnership. The City of Lewisburg Offers a (PILOT) Payment in Lieu of Taxes abatement incentive Is Ready to Hear and Negotiate All Requests Offers Assistance with Grants and Incentives from State and Federal Levels Offers Assistance with Training Programs locally and regionally Has Business-Friendly and Industry-Friendly City and County Leaders Has an available Workforce that includes 1,712 Marshall Co. workers and 15,571 Regional workers with Career Readiness Certification from the Tennessee Career Center We want you to join us on our odyssey toward future growth and prosperity in the region. We know what industry needs to thrive, as we have over 50 years of working with industries to become one of the largest industrial communities in the southern middle Tennessee region. We promise to work hand and hand with you to ensure your business succeeds. Sincerely, Greg Lowe Lewisburg Director of Economic Development 4. Lewisburg Page 4 Christos Industrial Site Site Details - Photos 5. Lewisburg Page 5 Christos Industrial Site Site Details - Photos 6. Lewisburg Page 6 Christos Industrial Site Site Details Data Sheet Address Industrial Drive City Lewisburg County Marshall Co. Latitude 352550.58N Longitude 864420.27W Tax Map 072 147.00 Ownership Christos Estate Land Price $20,000/acre Site 47.4 acres available Zone I-2 (Industrial Park) Flood Zone 0% Terrain Level Phase I No Geo-Technical No Hydrological No Enterprise Zone No Free Trade Zone No 7. Lewisburg Page 7 Christos Industrial Site Site Details Utilities Lewisburg Electric System Voltage Available as Needed Substation 2 Miles from Site Lewisburg Water Line Size Available as Needed Pressure 145 PSI System Usage 2.8 MGD System Capacity 4.0 MGD Lewisburg Wastewater Line Size Available as Needed System Usage 2.2 MGD System Capacity 3.0 MGD Lewisburg Gas Line Size Available as Needed Pressure 17 PSI AT&T Copper & Fiber All services available upon request 8. Lewisburg Page 8 Christos Industrial Site Maps U.S. and Tennessee 9. Lewisburg Page 9 Christos Industrial Site Maps 300 Mile Radius 10. Lewisburg Page 10 Christos Industrial Site Maps Proximity to Regional Assets One Hour to Nashville, TN International Airport Rail Yard River Port One Hour to Huntsville, AL International Airport Intermodal Facility River Ports 45 Minutes to Murfreesboro, TN University Shopping 35 Minutes to Franklin, TN Cool Springs Galleria Workforce 20 Minutes to Columbia, TN Community College Workforce 20 Minutes to Pulaski, TN Technology Center Workforce 11. Lewisburg Page 11 Christos Industrial Site Regional Workforce Data and Map Daily Commuters 3,500 Avg. Drive Time 26 Minutes Bachelors Degree 14% Associates Degree 18% HS Diploma or GED 83% HS Graduate Rate 90% County Labor Force Unemployment Rate Employed Unemployed Marshall 12,510 10.6% 11,180 1,320 Bedford 23,120 9.2% 21,000 2,120 Giles 13,530 9.8% 12,200 1,330 Lincoln 17,990 6.0% 16,900 1,090 Maury 36,310 9.7% 32,800 3,510 Rutherford 151,200 7.2% 140,260 10,940 Williamson 102,550 5.8% 96,570 5,980 Total 357,210 8.3% 330,910 26,290 12. Lewisburg & Marshall Co. Advantages for Your Company Tax Abatement Lewisburg and Marshall Co. offer a Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) tax abatement incentive for Real and Personal Property for both City and County Property Taxes based on your companys job creation, capital investment and other factors TN Three Star Lewisburg and Marshall Co. are designated TN Three Star Communities at Benchmark II that allows for community development grant assistance from the State of Tennessee to improve infrastructure in the community TN Enhancement Lewisburg and Marshall Co. are designated State of Tennessee ECD Tier 3 Enhancement Communities that allows your company to receive the maximum in Job Tax Credits and Franchise & Excise Tax Credits from the State of Tennessee TVA Sustainable Lewisburg and Marshall Co. are seeking TVA Sustainable Communities designation at Silver Level due to the sustainable programs and assets implemented and/or planned Lewisburg Page 12 Christos Industrial Site Lewisburg Advantages and Incentives