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  • Christmas wishes
  • Merry Christmas anda happy New Year. Benice and have fun.Dont worry behappy, enjoyholidays, forget allproblems, carry on,spend time with yourfamily. Peace, love,happiness, thats allyou need.
  • Merry Christmas anda happy New Year.Lots of love andmaybe a kiss underthe miseltoe. Andmany nice gifts. Iwish you have fun inthe 2012, and that allyour wishes will cametrue.Greetings fromsLOVEnia!
  • I wish no wars!I want a worldwithout violence!
  • I wish you a lot of Merry Christmas I wish you asnow and a and a happy New happy Christmasdelicious snowy Year. and luck inSanta and have coming years.delicious turkey.
  • I wish you lots of love and holiday spirit to you,your family, friends
  • Merry Christmas and aHappy New Year.Be nice and be happy,Dont worry, be happy.I wish you have funnext yearI wish you health!Greetings fromSloveniaEnjoy your Christmasholiday.
  • A big Christmas hug from Sloveniato everybody.Dont spend the Christmas Evealone. Cuddle with the specialperson by the fireplace.Be happy not sad, be good and notbad.Have fun and enjoy your life.Love, love to all.
  • Dont worry, Santas coming to your town. Be good!
  • I wish you very a merry Christmas. Lots of kisses under the mistletoe. Make a wish and it will come true.
  • Live in love spirit and peace.Wishing you a lot of healthand stay cool like youre now.I wish you Merry Christmasand a happy New Year!
  • I wish you snowy Christmas and lots of love.I also wish you a happy NewYear, and a lot of presents. Live in love spirit and peace.
  • I hope that you will spend the Christmas holidays together withyour family and friends. So once more I wish you a merry Christmasand a happy New year.
  • And dont forget:Its the mostbeautiful time in the year.
  • Made by: Luka NunarWishes by: Students of our schoolMusic: Silent NightRecorded by: Luka Nunar