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  • Magic Christmas Stocking

    Author: Saundra Lee Page 1 7/18/2011


    Yd. Fashion Fabric

    Yd. Lining

    2 pieces thin batting 18x13

    Put 2 pieces of fashion fabric RST (Right Sides Together). If the fabric has nap or

    directional print be sure the nap or print will be running in the same direction before

    cutting the pieces. Place a single layer of thin batting on top of the fashion fabric layers.

    Place 2 pieces of lining fabric RST on top of the batting.

    Place a single layer of thin batting on top of the lining layer, cut into the stocking shape.

    Sew through all layers from the top edge of the

    stocking down around the heel and toe and up

    to the top of the other side of the stocking.

    Cut out the stocking pattern through all layers.

    A rotary cutter can be used.

    Now for the Magic: Reach in between the two

    lining layers and pull the lining right side out.

  • Magic Christmas Stocking

    Author: Saundra Lee Page 2 7/18/2011

    Then reach in between the fashion fabric layers

    and pull the stocking right side out.

    Waa-la. A beautiful lined stocking with raw

    edges at the top.

    For a cuff cut a piece of fabric 7 x length of

    stocking top.

    Sew the two short ends together RST to form a


  • Magic Christmas Stocking

    Author: Saundra Lee Page 3 7/18/2011

    Fold tube WST (wrong sides together) raw

    edge to raw edge.

    Batting can be inserted if desired.

    Place a 6 loop of cord, ribbon or matching

    fabric at the top heel edge of the stocking.

    For a matching loop cut a piece of fabric 2 x


    Fold the edges to the middle,

    Then fold in half and topstitch.

  • Magic Christmas Stocking

    Author: Saundra Lee Page 4 7/18/2011

    Fold into loop, raw edges together, and place

    inside stocking at top heel edge, with the loop

    facing the heel of the stocking. Pin the loop so

    that it will not get caught in the seam.

    Stitch into place.

    Place the raw edges of cuff (RS out) to the

    inside of the stocking,

    If embroidered, place name/embroidery design

    against the lining inside and sew or serge the

    top edges together.

    Flip the cuff from the inside to the outside and

    admire your Magic Stocking.

    Instead of a cuff, binding can be applied to the

    top raw edges.


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