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Christmas in Greece Paraskevi Gkoritsa 1st Elementary school, Neo Faliro, Greece Paraskevi Gkoritsa Teacher


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2. 22 2224 2419 19 21 2115 1518 1820 2014 1416 1613 1323 2312 1225 2517 17 11 1126 26779910 106628 2888 55443311 30 30 29 2931 312227 27 3. Christmas in Greece are special. Some days before Christmas we decorate a Christmas tree or a little ship with decorations. Then we hang a stocking over the fireplace and we write a letter to Santa Claus which says what present we want. On Christmas day we wake up early and we sing carols with our friends. In the afternoon we send the cards and make sweets. In the evening we have a big family dinner and we eat pork with celery, chicken soup and lot of sweets. This year, because of the economical crisis we can't buy expensive presents and some parents are unemployed. so many people don't have even to eat. We hope the New Year will be better for everyone. 4. On New Year's Eve we sing carols and we go to a lots of houses and we take some pocket money from the people. We wait till midnight for the New Year to come. We make a wish when the New Year comes. We kiss each other wishing ''Happy New Year''. Santa Claus brings presents to the nice kids. Before that we invite our friends and our family waiting for the New Year change. We make a countdown from 10 to 1. When the New Year comes we light fireworks and we sing and wish to our family and friends. Unfortunately , this year is very difficult for people in Greece. We live a serious economic crisis, a lot of people are unemployed and cannot afford to buy expensive presents. But we hope that better days will come. 5. We are going to present to you a Greek Christmas recipe:''Kourambiedes''. Ingrendients 500 gr. butter 12 cup of cognac 2 cups of sugara teaspoon of orange peel1kg of flour1 kg icing sugar2 cups of white almonds Preparation First, we melt the butter and we add the sugar. After that, we whip it in the mixer, we add the cognac, the orange peel and then the flour. Finaly, we add the white almonds. We make small balls and put them in the oven. We bake for 30' minutes in 230oC. When they get cold we add icing sugar. We hope you will like it! 6. The morning of the New Year's Eve all the children wake up early and sing carols from house to house and to stores. They give us money for that. When we finish, at noon, we go home and all the family eats together! Some weeks earlier, we sent cards at the North Pole. At New Years Eve night we stay awake because we wait for the Santa to bring us the presents we really want if we are good and friendly kids! Then, we wait for the ''HAPPY NEW YEAR'' 7. On the 6th January we celebrate Epiphany. It's a religious celebration. We go to church early in the morning and around 11 o'clock we go to a river, lake or sea. The priest throws a cross into the water and a lot of people dive and try to catch it. Whoever catches it is lucky and blessed. The water is very cold but there are always people who dare to swim in the cold water. We also sing Epiphany carols. 8. 2 cup of butter cup of sugar1 cup mastic brandy2 eggs yolkslittle bit rosewater4-5 tea cups sift flourIngrendients2 vanillas640 grams sugar mist1 cup baking powder Preparation In a large bowl we whip butter till it gets white for 45 minutes. We add sugar and the egg yolks and we continue whipping. Then, we add mastic brand and the flour little by little and we stir. We add baking powder and vanillas and we go on making a dough. We take pieces and make small balls Buns in any shape we want. We put them on a tray and we bake then, in a moderate oven for 15-20 minutes. Merry Christmas!!! 9. In Greece, we celebrate Christmas with a lot of different ways. At the beginning of the December, we decorate the house with our family. We used to decorate a traditional ship but now decorate the christmas tree. On Christmas Eve we sing carols and we have a feast with turkey. We see our friends and we tell Christmas stories. We do reverse counting before the new year comes!