christmas greetings 2018 ... christmas greetings 2018 christmas greetings from the beckers! our 2018

Download Christmas Greetings 2018 ... Christmas Greetings 2018 Christmas Greetings from the Beckers! Our 2018

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  • Christmas Greetings 2018

    Christmas Greetings from the Beckers!

    Our 2018 move to High Point, North Carolina in February has introduced many new blessings. Our

    move brought us closer to our daughter Emily, Jamie (her husband), and Molly (our 3yr old

    grandchild), who live just 5 minutes from us. And our other children and their families are within a

    3-hour drive. So we see them all more often, especially Molly, who comes over at least twice a week.

    Our son Luke and Jessica (his wife), have Scarlett (8 yrs old) and Sawyer, who just turned 1. Stephen is

    commonly known as Poppy to our grandchildren and he loves reading with each of them.

    Our son Matt and Katy (his wife) are expecting their second child in February, which will be our fifth

    grandchild. Matt and Katy just celebrated Cyrus’ 3rd birthday and live in the Richmond area.

    Emily and Matt’s families have both camped with us in our RV. And Luke and Jessica have recently

    acquired a camping trailer, so they too will also be joining us next year for some of our RV excursions.

    Through a local small group and various church activities, we have been blessed to make many new

    friends and we enjoy entertaining them in our home. Stephen has served as a supply priest on Sunday

    mornings and to our surprise, he received a call to Saint Mary Magdalene in Seven Lakes (see and started to serve as their Vicar (an Episcopal pastor) on Advent 1 in early

    December. The church has a warm, personal feel and the call does not require us to move again, nor

    does it require Stephen to work full time. Stephen has one Sunday a month off so that we can still

    enjoy many of the benefits of travel during our semi-retirement years.

    We often think of you and wish you all the very best during this festive time of year. Hoping each of

    you will have a wonderful Christmas filled with love and joy.

    Stephen & Ellen Becker

    3613 Alamosa Drive, High Point, NC 27265 (703) 717-1638

  • Christmas 2018

    Jamie Emily Molly Reynolds

    Luke and Jessica Sawyer and Scarlett

    Matt Cyrus Katy