Christie's Results: American Furniture, Folk Art, and Prints, 25 January, New York

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<ul><li><p>7/29/2019 Christie's Results: American Furniture, Folk Art, and Prints, 25 January, New York</p><p> 1/1</p><p>I m p o r t a n t A m e r i c a n F u r n i t u r e , F o l k A r t s , &amp; P r i n t s</p><p>New York, 25 January 2013, Sale #2670</p><p>[All sold prices include buyers premium]</p><p>141 lots sold Total: $10,844,125/6,831,799/8,024,653 77% sold by lot</p><p>183 lots offered 0.63= $1 / 0.74=$1 94% sold by value</p><p>Lot Description Estimate ($) Price Realized Buyer</p><p>105Edward Hicks (1780-1849), Penns Treaty, oil on canvas 600,000 - 900,000</p><p>$2,546,500</p><p>1,604,295</p><p>1,884,410US Trade</p><p>157</p><p>An Important Chippendale Carved Mahogany Block-and-</p><p>Shell Bureau Table , signed by John Townsend, Newport,</p><p>circa 1770</p><p>700,000 - 900,000</p><p>$2,210,500</p><p>1,392,615</p><p>1,635,770US Private</p><p>164A Queen Anne carved mahogany tea table with slides,</p><p>Boston, 1740-1760600,000 - 800,000</p><p>$962,500</p><p>606,375</p><p>712,250</p><p>Anonymous</p><p>226</p><p>A Federal white-painted and parcel-gilt eglomise girandole</p><p>timepiece wall clock, signed by Lemuel Curtis (1790-1857),</p><p>Concord, Massachusetts, 1816-1822</p><p>60,000 - 90,000</p><p>$578,500</p><p>364,455</p><p>428,090</p><p>US Private</p><p>152A Queen Anne Carved Maple Armchair, attributed to John</p><p>Gaines III, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, circa 1735-1743 200,000 - 300,000</p><p>$542,500</p><p>341,775</p><p>401,450</p><p>Anonymous</p><p>108</p><p>Frederick Kemmelmeyer (1755 - 1821), General George</p><p>Washington: Reviewing the Western Army at Fort</p><p>Cumberland, oil on paper, circa 180020,000 - 40,000</p><p>$362,500</p><p>228,375</p><p>268,250</p><p>US Trade</p><p>159</p><p>A Queen Anne Japanned Maple and Pine Bonnet-Top High</p><p>Chest-of-Drawers, school of Robert Davis, Boston, circa</p><p>1740100,000 - 200,000</p><p>$362,500</p><p>228,375</p><p>268,250</p><p>US Private</p><p>169</p><p>A Queen Anne Mahogany Tray-Top Tea Table With One</p><p>Drawer, Boston, circa 1730-1750 250,000 - 350,000</p><p>$290,500</p><p>183,015</p><p>214,970</p><p>Anonymous</p><p>158</p><p>A Pair of Queen Anne Carved And Figured Mahogany Side</p><p>Chairs, attributed to John Goddard, Newport, circa 1765 100,000 - 150,000</p><p>$170,500</p><p>107,415</p><p>126,170</p><p>US Private</p><p>176A Chippendale Carved Mahogany Serpentine-Front Five-</p><p>Legged Card Table, New York, 1760-1780 100,000 - 150,000</p><p>$170,500</p><p>107,415</p><p>126,170</p><p>Anonymous</p><p>Andrew Holter, Head of Department,said: Every category of the sale showed continued strength and many works</p><p>were highly sought after with competitive bidding from new and established clients. The selection of important</p><p>works also presented wonderful opportunities for collectors. Most notably, the rare and discovered works of the</p><p>kneehole bureau that is signed Jonathan Townsend and the John Bartlam porcelain teabowl achieved significant</p><p>prices for its important place in American history.</p><p>PRESS CONTACT: Sung-Hee Park | +1 212 636 2680|</p><p>Estimates do not include buyers premium. Sales totals are hammer price plus buyers premium and do not reflect costs,</p><p>financing fees orapplication of buyers or sellers credits.</p></li></ul>


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