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To Whom it May Concern; My name is Chris Van Hove and I have been racing off-road and enduro style events for over a decade, with proven results. I am currently seeking sponsorship for the 2010 season. In 2009 I raced in three separate series. I finished 3rd overall in the CMA Hare Scramble series, with a first place finish in Barrie and three second place finishes, I also finished first at the Beagle Bash Enduro. This summer Icompeted in the western rounds of the CanadianEnduroChampionship series. Racing against the best riders in Canada has opened my eyes and shown me the value of hard work and cross training. My finishes were good, but not the top ten finishes I expect and demand of myself for the 2010 season. In October I competed in the Montreal Endurocross, making it to the main event on Saturday night and finishing 16th, a finish I was proud of given it was my first time racing an event like this before. Montreal was, by far, the biggest venue I have ever raced, competing in front of a sold out crowd at the Olympic Stadium. Next year, I hope to compete in the CECagain, as well as the Montreal Endurcross and the proposed WEC OntarioCross Country series. What I can offer you for your support in the 2010 season, above all else, is a consistent placement within the top three in Ontario events, and top ten nationally. Your logo and company name will be prominently featured in our pits, as well as on the bike and gear. I will also make myself available for any promotional appearances you might require of me. Please find my rider resume and contact information below. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Chris Van Hove

Objective: To obtain sponsorship for the 2010 race season Bio: With over a decade of competition behind me, and five years experience in the CMA Hare Scrambles Pro-Class, I have proven that I can provide results. In 2004 I was the youngest rider to ever win the Pro Class, and moved into the Pro Class for 2005, where I finished second overall. Since then I have won numerous #1 plates, and currently am ranked 3rd overall in the CMA Pro Hare Scrambles. In 2009 I participated in the first running of the WECs Canadian Enduro Championship series; I finished 21st overall after only attending the first half of the rounds. 2009 Achievements: - finished 3rd overall in the CMA Hare Scramble series - 1st place finish at the Barrie Round, 2nd place at Port Colborne, Burnt River and Wilberforce - 1st place finish at the Beagle Bash Enduro - currently seated 3rd in points for the CMA Enduro Championship - consistent top twenty overall finishes at the Western WEC rounds in Blairmore, Alberta and Penticton, B.C. - competed in the Montreal Endurocross; qualified for the main and finished 16th

Community Involvement: - involved in rider mentoring - member of the Lynn Valley Dirt Riders Association 2010 Plans and Goals: - contest the newly developed WEC Ontario Cross Country series and win the first #1 plate - continue to race in the CMA when time allows - finish 10 ten overall in the WECs Canadian Enduro Championship - become more involved with mentoring and teaching young riders Sponsorship/Promotion Details: - provide consistent podium and top ten finishes - promote your company in media interviews and during podium presentations - prominently display your companys logo on our gear and in our pits - display and distribute promotional materials provided (ie pit banners, shirts, brochures) - a commitment to promoting your product and/or service at each event we attend - present myself in a professional manner at races and industry events - make myself available for any promotional activities that might be required

Contact InformationChris Van Hove (Racer) Home: 519-582-2076 Cell:519-429-1279 Email:

Mike/Yvonne Van Hove (Team Manager/Mechanic) Home: 519-582-2076 Cell: 519-429-9408

Justin DeWaele (Trainer) Cell:519-429-5877