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  • 1. N2019 Lakeshore Dr. Chilton, WI 53014 [email_address] 920-265-7431

2. To Whom It May Concern: I am writing about obtaining employment with your company.I believe my experience and expertise will enhance your, company. On the following pages are highlights of my employment history and education, and I am confident that you will find my skills benefit you greatly.My background in electronics, varied as it is, has strong focus in the fields of RF, telecommunications, broadcasting, Avionics, Intelligence Equipment, and computer systems/networking.In todays wireless world, this has been an asset beyond expectation.In addition I also have strong management skills. You will see, too, I have a long track record of success in the wireless industry, spanning 20 years. I was recognized at a national conference in Las Vegas, and received an award for designing and implementing new broadcast facilities and my designs.From there, spanning back two decades, every endeavor culminated in triumph.My military career allowed me to master technologies that wont be available to public markets for years to come; and my post-military career allows me to apply my knowledge in meaningful ways. I would very much like to communicate with you further regarding how my abilities will work well for you.Please feel free to contact me at any of the above noted sources. Thank you. Sincerely, Chris Gielow 3.

  • Qualifications
    • Vice President of Engineering and Network Operations.
    • Engineering Manager
    • IT Administrator
    • Chief Engineer
    • Technical Service Representative
    • Corrections Officer
    • Electronic Security Designer
    • Field Engineer- Dept. of Defense
    • Enlisted U.S. Army Soldier (Electronic Warfare Aviation)

I have an extensive electronic background.I earned a bachelors degree in electronic warfare from the US Army Intelligence School-Ft. Devens Massachusetts.My primary focus being on electronic warfare and signal (RF or Wireless) intelligence. I also have an extensive background in networking. 4. Vice President of Engineering and Network Operations Sovereign City Communications October, 2008 to June, 2009 This company was owned by a single individual who closed the company in January of 2008. I was kept on staff for an additional six months to secure assets. As the Vice President of Engineering and Network Operations, my job was to create new technologies and implement their use into a real, practical form. Some of my accomplishments are; The integration ofVOIP/AOIP and wireless technology for sensing systems, Creating a web based/data base tracking system for trouble reporting, its remedy, and other statistics, Design wireless or broadcast systems from low level microwave to entire transmission plants of 100Kw, Run collaborative design ventures with third parties, and maintain extensive budgets for projects from concept to completion. My additional duties were to ensure our multiple computer networks security, oversee administration of our email and backup systems, and train individuals on new technologies. Our facilities' RF structures were immense and complex, as they operated on a national scale. As the guardian of our licenses, it was my additional duty to ensure compliance with the FCC, and all filing papers. I am also a member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers 5. Engineering Manager, IT Administrator, and Chief Engineer Cumulus Broadcasting September, 2001 to October, 2008I started with this company as a Chief Engineer. I was responsible for five local stations. As time progressed, so did our technology, and my responsibilities. I assumed the role as our IT Administrator and finally moved into the role of Engineering Manager. At this level, I was responsible for eleven stations through out the state of Wisconsin,thirteen different computer networks, nine discrete broadcast transmission plants, their microwave RF paths, and four administrative offices. I was presented with an award by the President, Vice President, and Director of Engineering, for completing a three million dollar build out of a new facility. Some of my duties included; Operating and design local and network broadcast facilities including transmitter sites, wireless networks 802.11B, G, & N, microwave paths, and satellite uplink/downlinks, Designing and building several computer networks including AOIP and VOIP, All network security, compliance, and management in east central Wisconsin, Path Analysis, FCC filing, Component level design and repair of automated alerting equipment. Expertise in high power transmitters, GPS, PCB Design receivers/transmitters, computer wireless networks, microwave, satellite transmission, and other communications equipment 6. Technical Service Representative Modern Business Machines June, 1998 to September, 2001 I have several certifications in the field of electrostatic latent imaging and networking. My duties included operating and maintaining a complete line of Networkedand non-connected Canon copiers. This meant I had to have competent understanding of the 802.11 wireless protocol standards as many of our local business are industrial applications and had wireless networks to allow for remote printing. Below are my certifications. 7. Correctional Officer I and III (Sergeant) State of Wisconsin Department of Corrections June, 1996 to June 1998 Letter of Commendation Officers Academy Graduate Certificate

  • Graduated Officers Academy
  • Assigned as Officer to Kettle Moraine Correctional Institution
  • Accepted to the Emergency Response Unit team (prison SWAT team)
  • Accepted to the Hostage Negotiations team.

*Talk about your team work abilities. .what better example can be given? 8. Electronic Security Designer Emergency Networks WSS June, 1994 to June, 1998 Installed and designed wireless and hardwired security systems forWestinghouse and WSS. These included biometric and physical security systems that I custom designed, component by component,part by part.I designed the protocol language using VHDL and Verilog.I submitted for FCCand UL compliance testing. Private Security License Private Investigators License 9. Electronics Field Engineer HRB Systems June, 1992 to June, 1994 Department of Defense/Naval Research Laboratories sub-contractor. Field site RF Engineer. Designed 120' Parabolic dish and components. Designed RF systems up to and including millimeter wave range. Designed waveguide runs for these bands C,X Ka, Ku, & MM. Certified in fiber optics termination. I have also terminated just about every cable made. These include some very odd ones like armored RG-141 and 8 inch, hollow core, flexible and rigid coax. I held a Top Secret Clearance for Sensitive Compartmented Information with this job. This was awarded after a special background investigation. 10. Enlisted, Active and Reserves, U.S. Army Honorable Discharge DD214 Degree in Electronic Warfare U.S. Army Intelligence School. Electronic Warfare/Aviation/Avionics Systems Engineer. Deployed and conducted Echelon above Corp Signal Intelligence Collection, direction finding and signal acquisition. Maintained airborne/avionics communications equipment. Maintained airborne locating equipment. (GPS and Tacan) Troubleshooting full system to component level repair Fiber optics termination, single- and multi-transmission cable I held a Top Secret Clearance for Sensitive Compartmented Information with this job. This was awarded after a special background investigation. 11. I have received multiple Military decorations and am proud of my time in service.Here are some scanned images of decorations that have been presented to me.They speak volumes about my character and my integrity. 12. I know its customary to include buzz words or key words in a resume. It would make my resume extremely verbose. So here is a list of my buzz words. Please scan over my experience and lets talk about how I can benefit you and your organization. AC/DC Circuits Series/ParallelRL/RC Circuits Filters/Resonance Solid State Devices Analog Circuits Class A,B,&C Amplifiers Powers Supplies Oscillators Vacuum Tubes Decimal, Binary, Hexadecimal, Octal Conversions DigitalCircuits Logic Gates Flip Flops Counters Registers Decoders Encoders Microprocessors (architecture andregister structure) Write Assembly and Machine Language Wide Band Receivers Recorders Modulators Multiplexors Demodulators Antennas Monitors Direction Finding/Positioning Equipment Spectrum Analyzers Oscilloscopes Meters TransmittersCable Termination Fiber Optics & Termination Network Analyzers Parabolic Dish Design RF Bands (LF,VHF,UHF,C,X,Ka,Ku, & Millimeter) Burst and CW Transmitters Waveguide LRU Box Design Feed Horns High Power Transmitters Budget Maintenance Fiber Light Meters and Scopes Imaging Imaging Software Computer Networking Network Administration Thermal Adhesion Corona Effect Microsoft Office Products Low/High Speed Printing Analog Reproduction Digital Reproduction Stepping Motors ElectromagneticClutchesPhoto Sensitive Drums Laser Imaging Audio and Video Equipment Cat 5&6 Termination Audio and Video Editing Impedance Matching Remote Broadcasting Management Skills Budgets AM & FM High Power Transmitters AOIP /VOIP FCC Regulations System Design Studio Design Web Streaming Sales Firewalls Cellular Systems Wireless Data Transmission EAS (Emergency Alert System) Data Storage Systems SOX VPN VNC Audio Processing Tower Design Site Design Grounding Security Emergency Response Carpentry Acoustic Design Public Ins


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