chris brousseau , spencer hakim, mike snyder, michael weissman

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Chris Brousseau , Spencer Hakim, Mike Snyder, Michael Weissman. Mission Statement. RPI Shoutbox is a social networking web platform that allows for students to express themselves with public messages called ‘shouts’. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


RPI Shoutbox

Chris Brousseau, Spencer Hakim, Mike Snyder, Michael Weissman

1Mission StatementRPI Shoutbox is a social networking web platform that allows for students to express themselves with public messages called shouts.Students can anonymously shout anything from social life to classes, and can voluntarily offer ways to connect with visitors by allowing replies, known as shoutbacks.-So posts are called shouts, replies = shoutbacks. These definitions are important in user experience. Makes the website feel like something entirely new.-Now lets talk about why RPI Shoutbox is useful for the community2Community RoleSome nicely-put text about why RPI Shoutbox is good for the anti-social students of RPI3UMLStatic Class Diagram

UMLDomain model

Databasemessage (PK id (auto int) timestamp (int) text (string) (1024 chars) ip_address (string) (32 chars) user_id (int) :FK to (PK id (auto int) message_id (int) :FK to rating (int) replyable (bool))

reply (PK id (auto int) message_id (int) :FK to parent_shout_id (int) :FK to parent shout)

user (PK id (auto int) email (string) EMAIL doubles as USERNAME password (hash) role (int) //0 = admin, 1 = user)

4 main tables, where PK stands for Primary Key, a unique, not null identifier for the table andFK stands for Foreign Key, a reference to a column in another tableNow lets talk about our goal for what you will see, the design of the page.6User InterfaceSimple, straight-forward designLimited clickable items; no repeated informationFeedback for all user actionsIf a user does something wrong, tell themIf an error occurs, tell the user why100% valid XHTML and CSSValidated by the W3C source code checkersSimple was key. We wanted to design something that students could go to and have no confusion as to how they use the service.Keeping the interface minimalistic and clean, the user is guided through the site by visual cues that most all computer users are familiar with.

7Design DecisionsUse of the jQuery JavaScript frameworkModularization, easily extensibleLimiting user input300 characters keeps messages briefMessages are stripped of newlinesMessages are sanitized to prevent code injectionsFavoritingCommunity moderates the shouts themselvesIn order to provide the specific experience we desired with RPI Shoutbox, some key design decisions were made.So, now lets discuss how we were able to provide all this functionality in what the user sees and interacts with8User ExperienceAJAX, real-time updating, etc9DeliverySimple.So how can we deliver this service to you? Easy.(((**click**)))10Deliverywww.rpishoutbox.comClick link and do demo of posting a shout that says Commons is so much better then Sage.Continue showing off registering for an account and favoriting that shout. Play off of the shoutbacks or shouts that will probably have come in from other classmates by this point.11ExtensibilityWritten in object-oriented PHP5Easily modified and updatedjQuery plug-in integrationNew functionality can be linked with a single line of codeLimitless web-based functionalityYouTube plug-in, remote picture gallery display, music clip streamingIf you can code it, it can be integrated with RPI Shoutbox!RPI Shoutbox is capable of being highly extended.If you can code the functionality you want to work in a browser, it can be integrated with as little as one line of code.12QuestionsClick link 13