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Hi this is my updated resume!Do check it out!


  • 1. CHRISTOPHER ANG Events / Sound / DJ / Social Media !

2. Basic Info:Full Name!DOB! Ang Chwen Ann,! 20th August 1986!Aka Christopher!Nationality ! Languages! Singaporean! English & Mandrin! 3. I was born in Singapore1986 4. 2006I graduated from Ngee ann Polytechnic with aDiploma in Film, Sound & Video 5. Upon Graduation I worked as a Sound Engineer and Lighting designer for HOMECLUB, a Nightclub in Singapore that caters to the Underground music scene2006 6. 2007 I served my National Service as a Sound Technician in the Singapore Armed Forces, Music and Drama Company 7. Working as a Sound Technician in the SAF MDC gave me heaps of experience and took me overseasto different countries. 8. 2007 At That same year,I Set up an Events Management and equipment rental business with 3 of my friends, and christened it Bcube Entertainment. 9. 2007-PresentWith Bcube entertainment, I handled various events from Concerts to CorporateDinner Functions. 10. In December 2008, to realize my passion in dance music festivals,I put together a team and organized my first offshore beach rave.The event was a success! 2008 11. After completing my National Service, I took some time off to backpack South East Asia and India beforecommencing on my university studies.. 2009 12. I met manyvaluable contacts. 2009 13. 2010I am currently pursuing a degree in Communications (Media)At RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. 14. I am skilful with: 15. I Can work with: 16. I am very passionate about what I do and I am able towork well in a team and alone. I am a Jack of alltrades and able to solve problems in a short amountof time. 17. If you are interested to work with me or want to getto know me better feel free to find me on: Facebook!!Twitter ! @siaolang! Email!! 18. ThankYou!