choosing the right cms for your business & how tendenci can generate more revenue

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This slideshow about choosing the right CMS for your business includes: a detailed look at both Tendenci and WordPress, a list of questions to ask yourself when considering the right CMS, and a look at the revenue-building modules inside Tendenci. The modules are: the jobs board, custom forms with payment integration for donations, sponsorships, etc. It also includes automated membership management software designed to increase new member applications and renewals, and the Tendenci events module.


  • 1.Content Management Systems Which one is right for you?

2. So what is a CMS?And why is it relevant to me? 3. Content Management System (CMS) A software application used to upload, edit,and manage content displayed on a website. Acontent management system can perform a variety ofdifferent tasks for a website including regulating whencontent is displayed, how many times the content isshown to a specific user, and managing how thecontent connects or interacts with other elements ofthe website. This software also enablesless technical individuals to manage content on awebsite easily without having anextensive coding background. 4. So what are the benefits of a CMS?And how would it benefit mybusiness? 5. Gives you theability to addand edit contentwithout priorknowledge of coding! 6. Quick Recap: Saves you time Easily update your website without havingto be a developer or know html Dynamic and real time content Rich media Search Engine Optimization 7. Schipuls MottoEase of use changes behavior 8. Today we will be focusing on just 2:1. WordPress: Used for websites with basic content updates like posts, pages and basic categorization; easily integrated2. Tendenci: Best for organization and B2B websites that can utilize out-of-the-box functionality and modules; custom plug-ins available 9. What is open source? Open source: A main principle and practice ofopen-source software development is peerproduction by bartering and collaboration, withthe end-product, source-material anddocumentation available at no cost to thepublic. Wikipedia WordPress and Tendenci are both open source 10. Open source allows you to host your websiteelsewhere It also leaves the chance for outsidedevelopment: Plugins Add ons 3rd party editing *Overall more flexibility 11. Used for websites with basic content updateslike posts, pages and basic categorization;easily integrated 12. GoDaddys One Click Install godaddy-hosting-account.html 13. Use WordPress to power your website andblog without having to setup two differentwebsites 14. Thousands of template options out there, forexample: Themeforest Woothemes 15. Extended functionality and access to over18,000 plug-ins 16. Stores RotatorShopping CartBlog 17. Limited customization to plug-ins Installing plug-ins will require a developer atsome point Permission levels are limited Open-source is free, if you have the skill set 18. Best for organization and B2B websites thatcan utilize out-of-the-box functionality andmodules; custom plug-ins available Originally designed for Nonprofits 19. The goal of Software as a Service is to lowercost Software that brings in more revenue fororganizations Hosted on the cloud (Amazon) 20. Core Modules 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. Campaign Monitor 29. 30. Flexible framework allows for custom plug-insat a competitive cost Ex. Staff Ex. Architecture Ex. Projects 31. 32. Limited flexibility in hosting options duringdevelopment Higher security Smaller community of developers Working with the actual developers of thesoftware Custom pluginsavailable 33. Budgets vary Dependent on CMS Dependent on complexity of your website Ex. Schipuls price range 34. 1. What do I want my website to do? Its all about the functionality and complexity of your website2. Where do you want your website hosted?3. What is your timeline?4. Who will be updating my website(s) and how many will need access?5. What is your budget?


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