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  • SALLY JENKINSON @sjenkinson East Digital 9th April 2015

    right cmsChoosing the


    Freelance technical consultant & solutions architect !


  • Choosing a Content management system


  • As a new developer, I am easily swayed by the opinions of people I respect, or at least view as more experienced. This post was kicked off by a few back and forth tweets on open source contributions. One person stated that I dont need to worry about making open source contributions and I went Yay, cool, less pressure, another seemed to state that I am of little worth if I dont contribute Fuck, okay, I guess I better get on that then. I wish programmers were more aware of the things they are saying and the attitudes they express, and how that might effect a young padawan like me.

    Charlotte Spencer

  • THE agency should always decide

  • Back in 2008 (when we started Bearded), one of our differentiators was that we built every site on a CMS. At the time, many agencies had not-insignificant revenue streams derived from updating their clients site content on their behalf. !

    But we didnt want to do that work, and our clients didnt want to pay for it. Building their site on a CMS and training them to use it was a natural solution. It solved both of our problems, recurring revenue be damned! It gave our clients power that they wanted and needed.

    Matt GRiffin

  • When you dont understand your CMS !


  • THE product can do everything

  • everyone else is using it

  • Is bespoke best?

  • Not just for developers

  • No CMS?

  • How do I choose the right cms?

  • Features


    CostsOpen source vs proprietary

    Development impact

  • Impact on other technical elements


    Experience of usersLevel of complexity

    Integration considerations

  • Introducing constraints


    Multilingual needsProduct confidence & vision

    Editor usage scenarios

  • Migration and data assessment


    Vendor supportConcurrent admin users

  • It depends- Every web professional, ever

  • Thank youSally Jenkinson @sjenkinson