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This is an excellent PPT with experiential tips on how to choose the right business school for you. To read more on Education visit - -


  • 1. Tips for Choosing the Right Business School By Eduworld Management Services Pvt Ltd.,
  • 2. Introduction You're young, ambitious and searching for a suitable B School. You begin with a general search, but there are so many institutions offering courses. What is the right B School for you? This question is best answered with tons of research, thought, and discussion.
  • 3. Why Should You Choose Your B School Wisely? Committing two years of your life, together with lakhs of rupees, deserves a careful consideration. The reputation of a top-ranked B School is likely to impress your prospective employer. Your choice of a B School will affect your career and your future.
  • 4. Know thy self Before you choose a B School Know what you want. With crores invested in advertising. It is easy to get overwhelmed by all the freebies B Schools offer. Whats good for your friends may not be good for you. Identify your interests and purpose for doing an MBA or Diploma in Business Studies.
  • 5. Tips for Choosing the Right B School Determine Your Interests and find out if the program offered by the B School interests you. Ask for Information Email Institutions & ask for their prospectus. Extra Curricular Activities - Check out their extra curricular activities. Research - Talk to your friends, trawl the net, discuss with your teachers, inquire with your parents and their peers.
  • 6. Tips for Choosing the Right B School Visit Websites - of as many B Schools as you can. Facilities Inquire about the library, scholarships, hostels. If field trips & guest lectures are part of the course. Location - you might not want to be too far from home, or may have regional preferences. Cost of the Course- ensure the cost conforms with your budget, it not begin also planning your finances.
  • 7. Tips for Choosing the Right B School Diversity of Pupils From across the state or country, will ensure you get exposed to students from different backgrounds and experiences. Student Retention & Graduation Rates - should help you determine the B School's quality and satisfaction of its students. Recognition is the Institution recognized by any Government Authority, is it registered with the Government. Foreign Affiliation if the Institution is affiliated to a Foreign University, double check if this claim is correct
  • 8. Tips for Choosing the Right B School Curriculum - Review the curriculum to ensure it is updated, also study its emphasis and ensure it is aligned with your interests and purpose. Size of the Classroom Determine the student-to-teacher ratio in the institution, and ensure it is low enough to allow for individual attention. Reputation - Read what ex-students say about the Institution and post queries on student forums; you can also check its national ranking. Exclusiveness If a B School is selective about the number of students it admits, check if their criteria matches your academic background.
  • 9. Tips for Choosing the Right B School Placement Statistics - Choose a B School with a good placement record. Check recruiter records and speak with former graduates of the School. Visit the Campus - Talk to a few students and ask if they would make the same college choice if they had to do it again. Interview the Counselor - Get him/her to explain the benefits of their institution and course.
  • 10. Things not to do when choosing a B School Do not be overly concerned with the B Schools national ranking. Just because a School is rated number one doesn't mean that it will be the right match for you. Do not choose a B School because your friends are going there. A B School is a match to be made, not a prize to be won. B Schools are flourishing across the country do not let their ads carry you away. Double check everything on the ads and prospectus.
  • 11. Conclusion Undoubtedly, deciding on the right B School for you is a time consuming exercise but considering that this choice influences your life, it is well worth the effort.
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