Choosing the Perfect Range Hood for Your Kitchen

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<ol><li> 1. Choosing the Perfect Range Hood for Your KitchenWe thought wed list them out for you, so when youre ready to make those decisions, YOUWILL BE READY.First things first what is the importance of a kitchen range hoods? It filters out the smoke, moisture, odour and grease that comes from the usage of yourrange no matter how often you cook.1. Cooking lifestyleHow often do you cook? If it is just a few small meals a couple times a week, perhaps a hoodmounted on a cabinet should do. However, if you go all out grill, fry, saut and boil on aregular basis then you should consider a more professional, higher end range hood.2. SpaceConsidering the space in your kitchen both horizontally and vertically is important to figureout what kind of range hood will fit. Experts recommend that if your stove is installed as partof a kitchen island with no cabinetry above, you will need a range hood that has an exposedshaft. If your range is traditionally against a wall, then you have a choice of either a rangewith an exposed shaft or make an architectural feature of it.3. Where will it vent to?The options say that your range hood can vent to the outside, or inside. Naturally, the firstchoice is always to vent to the outside because it helps taking moisture, smoke, grease andodour out of your home. However, in some situations you may not be able to vent outside,eg. you may have a condo or a multi-story home. If youre not able to vent outside your hoodwill still remove the odour, smoke and grease, but moisture will still remain in the kitchenwhich could affect the finishes in your kitchen.4. Choose a styleThanks to an increase in design, variety of materials and the use of imagination range hoodscome in all kinds of sizes, styles and finishes from traditional to ber-modern. Heres a simplestyle sheet:5. NoiseThe sound level of range hoods is rated in the number of sones (perceived sound) theyproduce at their highest fan speed. The lower the number (for the same CFM), the quieterthe fan. Unlike decibels, doubling the number of sones is equivalent to two times the noiselevel. So think of the sound level of a fan you are willing to tolerate see if you can test themout at the showroom!6. Ease of cleaning processLook for a vent fan with smooth surfaces and fully enclosed bottoms with a filter thats easy </li><li> 2. to remove and clean.7. ControlsExperts suggest you choose a range hood with a multispeed fan, or one where you couldcontrol the speed. Hoods now come with built-in buttons, smart controls, and heat sensors.8. LightingChoose a range hood that provides balanced and energy-efficient lighting.We suggest that you also consider consulting a professional to understand each of yourunique kitchen situations and space. We are always available to sit with you to find the bestsolution to your questions and help you construct your ideal kitchen. Set up an appointmentwith one of our talented designers at Island range hood today!The article is come from:</li></ol>