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Choosing the perfect keywords for your Ios app



Why you should care aboutkeywordsDiscoverability, to stand out among 1,500.000 apps, is a major challenge. Keywords boost your chances of being found through search. This is the first step towards getting a download or sale.Its worth putting some extra time and effort before launching your app to increase your chances.


LOCALIZEDIRECT What arekeywords?Keywords are the words a potential customer types into the App Store search box or into a search engine to find your app.Keywords should always be relevant, and relate to or explain your app or game.

POTENTIAL KEYWORDS FOR A RACING GAME Street,fast,lane,car,high,speed,pedal,traffic,city,route,challenge,detail,3d,drive,racing


LOCALIZEDIRECT How do you find keywords?Check out the competition. What keywords are your competitors using? Competition

Test searching for your chosen keywords in App Store, to get a feel for the ranking.Test keywords

Check Localize Directs page on App Store Statistics with commonly used words. Stats

Start by just brainstorming keywords. Use a friend if you want. Find out what you would type if you were looking for something like your app or game. Look for reviews to find common terms. Build a keyword list and make a keyword search with these words.

Use tools like Google Adwords Keyword Planner and Google Trends to bulk your list. tools


LOCALIZEDIRECT condense your list with keywordsHow popular is your keyword in terms of search volume? You want to rank high with a keyword with many searches. 1000 people is not enough, you need many more. Use Google Adwords to find out.traffic

How difficult will it be to rank for this keyword? How intense is the competition? Use Google Adwords to see if the keywords competition is high or low.difficulty

The ideal combination is a high traffic keyword with low competition. Make a keyword list in a spread sheet with information about search volume and competitors. Grade the competition as high or low. Then filter and sort your keywords. Start analyzing the keywords list by difficulty. Type the words into Google Adwords, App Store, Google, Twitter etc. This way you can identify the keywords your app has the best chance ranking for. Then filter your list by traffic. How popular is the key word? How big is the search volume? Choose the most popular keywords with relevance in mind.


LOCALIZEDIRECT Analytics & toolsThere are a lot of services and analytics to use. Some of them are free with registration. Most of the useful tools are limited or inaccessible without a subscription or some kind of fee.

StoreFront preview your App Store page, increase downloadsApp Annie analytics and data, track downloads and rankingsSensorTower monitor your apps marketplace performanceAppCodes check visibility, keywords and competitorsAppTweak find keywords, competitors, get detailed analyticsAppFigures an app tracking platform with powerful analyticsAppnique increase discoverability and drive downloads



Apples search algorithm has improved recognizing plurals; its not generally better to include both singular and plural.Use Singular form

Keep it shortIf equal of relevance, and traffic, always use shorter keywords over longer ones. Use single words, not phrases.

Remember max 100

There is a 100 character limit for keywords; each keyword should have at least 2 characters. Separate with comma, not space.

Sprinkle the Keywords

Search engines like Google draw on app description. Use keywords elsewhere in marketing, messages, and hyperlinks.



DONT use the word free. It is automatically added.Free

NameDONT use company or app name, or existing brand names.

offensiveDONT use offensive keywords or profanity.

unrelatedDONT use unrelated keywords.


LOCALIZEDIRECT Localizing keywords?Most people prefer apps in their own language and are more likely to download an app if translated.Cant read wont buy

Downloads will even increase if only the description is presented in their native language. To avoid bad reviews make sure its clear that the app isnt fully translated.Partly translated

If there are a lot of downloads after localizing metadata, then its time to localize the entire app.metadata

Apple makes it easier to enter fully localized metadata for your apps. Take advantage of this. Localizing will have a huge impact on your visibility in the App Store in non-English speaking countries.


LOCALIZEDIRECT Things to remember

Make sure the chosen keywords relate to your app AND to avoid costly mistakes: remember to analyze what people actually are searching for. relevance

researchExamine the traffic and difficulty ratings for every keyword on your list and filter it down. Check out what your competitors are doing. Weed out duplicates, and favor smaller words.

reviseRemember that you are going to revise your metadata over time: Analyze whats working, what isnt and make necessary changes.



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