Choosing the Perfect Color for Your Nursery

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  1. 1. Rusty's Dandy Painting Inc. | (913) 341-9125| RustysDandyPainting.comDiscover more great content here: the Perfect Color for Your NurseryAre you wondering what color you should paint your nursery? If you are having a boy, the obvious choice is blue. However, if you are having a girl, the obvious color might be pink. Just because these might be the most obvious of choices, does that mean they are going to be the right one? Often times, parents immediately think of blue or pink when it comes to deciding on the color to paint their nursery, but it isnt necessarily the wisest choice. There are plenty of different options from which you can choose. With an abundance of paint colors available, why restrict yourself to just one?Whenever an expecting mom finds out what she is having a girl or thinks she is having a girl, she starts seeing images of pink dancing through her mind. Pink is all she can think about, but is that really the smartest color to use? Years ago, it used to be that all any new mom used was pink for their little girls room. It was the only color there was, but that isnt always the case today.You plan, prepare and paint the nursery pink in anticipation of your new bundle of joy coming home. Just when you think you have everything all set, the gifts start pouring in. The dcor arrives and all you see is pink. Its like a bottle of PeptoBismol threw up in the room because there is so much pink. Pink sheets, pink dolls, pink dresses, pink toys, pink mobiles, pink everything surrounds the space where your little one is supposed to be. By
  2. 2. Rusty's Dandy Painting Inc. | (913) 341-9125| RustysDandyPainting.comDiscover more great content here: time you are done, there is so much pink in the room that you dont know what else to do.Dont get me wrong. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a pink nursery. You can make everything pink if you so choose. Even though pink can be quite beautiful, the effects tend to wear off quickly for some. Wouldnt you rather have a little variety in your nursery and break the pink up some? Choose a wall color that can make the pink stand out in the crowd instead of blending in with everything else.Opt for universal colors that will work for either a boy or a girl. Have you ever heard the stories about parents who thought they were having a girl only to paint the room pink and wind up having a boy instead? Using universal colors is one to avoid having that pitfall happen to you. You can easily accent a neutral color with pink or blue, without having to overdo it with one single color. Since you will have enough color coding elsewhere in the room with all of your dcor, you dont have to overdo it with the paint choice.