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  1. 1. Part1
  2. 2. You have just entered with your dad to anew town and he asks Where do youwant to stay?A haunted houseApartment
  3. 3. You picked the apartment and youshotgun front bedroom. Its 9:00 pm andyou have unpacked and your dad asksWhat do you want for dinner?Mince and long spaghetti Onion soup
  4. 4. So you have picked the haunted housewell youre in for a scare. Your dad asksWhat bedroom do you want?Downstairs near kitchen upstairs
  5. 5. You pick onion soup but it tastes likealmonds and you have just realized youjust had arsenic.The end
  6. 6. You say spaghetti and mince and hesays Ok. You both guys talk about theapartment and you say you like theapartment. He ask Want cheese do youwant?Blue cheese Cheedar cheese
  7. 7. You unpack and the time is 9:00 pm soyou think you will go to bed without anytea. You hear a strange noise in everycorner of your bedroom.Under bed Wardrobe
  8. 8. You walk upstairs to unpack but youfall in a hole and the sharp stairs slityour throat while falling.The End
  9. 9. You take the blue cheese and it tasteweird. You have just realized your dadput rat poison on it.The End
  10. 10. You look under the bed and a vampirejumps out and rips your head off R.I.P.The End
  11. 11. You open the closet door and get a frightfrom your coat falling over and you havea heart attack.The End
  12. 12. You pick cheddar and you enjoy yourdinner. Then your dad asks What schooldo you want go to?