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1. Choose a Perfect Wedding cake and Wedding Ring Pick a wedding cake that delivers a taste of spring with in-season berries and fruits. Instead of traditional buttercream filling, thinking about a fresh strawberry puree filling or a lemon cake with blackberry filling. If you are fond of chocolate cake but still want a taste that represents the season, a chocolate cake filled with chocolate cherry ganache would be a good choice for you. When it comes to the preliminary work, color plays an indispensable role in designing a spring wedding cake. And it is of great importance that you can't go wrong with a palette of preppy white, pink, and lime green or a bold and bright mix of orange and yellow. For a more moderate palette, add a hint of spring color with a simple chocolate ganache-covered cake with subtle white dots, or an ivory buttercream cake trimmed in light pink. Flowers can be a great help in defining a spring theme for your wedding cake and your choice of spring flowers can enhance vitality to your wedding with color and fragrance. Match your cake to your redolence by asking your baker to create sugar versions of your wedding day flowers. If you want a modern decor, ask your baker to make an assortment with few large graphic sugar peonies on each cake tier. If you are considering a more classic orientation for your wedding, figure out whether your baker can paint small daisies along your cake using an edible dye. A wedding ring is a mental ring which people will wear to indicate the wearer is married. Wearing wedding ring has a long history in western country, and this custom has gradually spread over the world. During a wedding, the bridesmaid and best man will keep the rings for bride and groom, and then give rings to the new couple at the monumental moment of giving and receiving rings at the wedding ceremony. The wedding rings are worn on the forth finger on the right hand which represent the married couple love each other forever. 2. Nowadays, many top jewelry company has designed many classical rings which are very popular with people. There is a variety of wedding rings made of different materials, such as gold, silver and diamond. There is a famous slogan of diamond advertisement: A diamond lasts forever. This slogan helps the diamond become a big hit in jewelry market. Many people do think that the bigger the diamond is, the longer the love lasts. As far as I concerned, love is not a matter of the big diamond.