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Chinese zodiac. By Selena and Lindsay. We learned a lot about the Chinese zodiac!. The animals of the Chinese zodiac. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Chinese zodiac

Chinese zodiacBy Selena and LindsayWe learned a lot about the Chinese zodiac!

The animals of the Chinese zodiacThe rat, the ox, the tiger, the rabbit, the dragon, the snake, the horse, the goat (or sheep), the monkey, the rooster, the dog, and the pig(or boar).

The legendLord Buddah had a race with all the animals in China. The rat knew he wasnt going to win so he went on the boars head and jumped off at the finish line. That is why the rat is first and the boar is second.

Lord BuddahCharacteristics of the animalsThe rat is charming, innovated, and intelligentThe ox is dependable, calm, and methodicalThe tiger is daring , reckless, and restlessThe rabbit is soft-spoken, graceful, and elegantThe dragon is energetic, eccentric, and full of strengthThe snake is graceful, soft-spoken, and wise

Characteristics ContinuedThe horse is cheerful, quick-witted, and popularThe sheep is shy, gentle, and compassionateThe monkey is clever, quick-witted, and flexibleThe rooster is acute, neat, and meticulousThe dog is likable, honest, and intelligenthe boar/pig is honest, simplicity, and sturdy

Fun factsOriginally, these signs did not have animals associated with themThere are twelve signs in the Chinese zodiacThe Chinese zodiac was called the twelve earthly branchesThere are five elements they are metal, water, wood, fire, and earthThe Jade Emperor invented the Chinese zodiacWhen Lord Buddah called all the animals, only 12 came

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ResourcesAncient China for Kids/web siteFact monster/web siteBook: Celebrating Chinese New Year by Diane Hoyt - Goldsmith,