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March 5,2011. the Eleventh National People's Congress in Beijing Great Hall of the fourth meeting of the opening. Premier Wen Jiabao's government work report.


  • 1.Chinese Government Work Report 2011 - 2011.3.5 Eleventh National Peoples Congress of the Fourth MeetingMarch 5, the Eleventh National Peoples Congress in Beijing Great Hall of the fourth meeting of the opening. Premier Wen Jiabaos government work report.Delegates:Now, on behalf of the State Council, make the government work report to the GeneralAssembly, Delegates are requested to review and request the CPPCC National Committeemembers for comments.All rights reserved:

2. First, the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, a review of economic and social development"Eleventh Five-Year" period in the development process of Chinas extraordinary five years.The face of complex domestic and international situation and a series of major risks andchallenges, the Chinese Communist Party to unite and lead people of all nationalities, andcomprehensively promote the reform and opening up and modernization, the state hasundergone historic changes.- This year, Chinas social productive forces, overall national strength significantly increased.Our ability to effectively cope with the international financial crisis and maintain stable andrapid economic development, successfully completed the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" the mainobjectives and tasks of the national economy to a new level. GDP reached 39.8 trillion yuan, anaverage annual increase of 11.2% of revenue from 3.16 trillion to 8.31 trillion yuan. Mannedspaceflight, lunar exploration, super computers and other cutting-edge technology to achievemajor breakthroughs. National defense and army modernization made significantachievements.- This year, to accelerate the development of social undertakings, significant improvement inpeoples lives. Education, science, culture, health, sports progress. Million new urban jobs,5771, transfer of agricultural labor force of 45 million people; disposable income of urbanresidents and rural residents per capita net income of the average annual real growth of 9.7%,respectively, and 8.9%; urban and rural social security system and gradually improve.- This year, significant progress in reform and opening up. Key areas and key links to achievenew breakthroughs in reform, the socialist market economic system more perfect. Last yearsforeign trade volume reached 2.97 trillion U.S. dollars, open economy improved rapidly.- This year, Chinas international status and influence significantly. We play in internationalaffairs an important and constructive role in effectively safeguarding national sovereignty,security and development interests, all-directional diplomacy made significant progress. Wesuccessfully hosted the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, the Chinese nationscentury-old dream realized.These remarkable achievements, it shows the superiority of socialism with Chinesecharacteristics, reform and opening up to show great strength, great people of all enhance thecountrys confidence and pride, and enhance the cohesion and solidarity of the Chinese nation,will inspire the history of our journey in the new forge ahead. 3. Five years, we mainly do the following:All rights reserved: (A) strengthen and improve macroeconomic regulation to promote steady and rapideconomic development. We pay attention to grasp the direction of macro-control, focus andintensity, firmly grasp the initiative in economic work. "Eleventh Five-Year" early, rapid growthfor the investment, the trade surplus is too large, excess liquidity, as well as structural,imported inflation and other problems, take the right policy measures to effectively preventthe symptoms of the problem evolved into a trend of the problem , localized problem evolvedinto a global problem. The past two years, in the face of years of international financial crisisrare, we calmly and scientific decision-making, determined to implement a proactive fiscalpolicy and loose monetary policy. Insist on implementation of the package, a massive increasein government spending and tax cuts to implement structural, large-scale implementation ofkey light industries, vigorously promote independent innovation and enhance scientific andtechnological support, substantial increase in the level of social security. Adhere to thestrategic guideline of expanding domestic demand and adopt a series of policy measures toencourage consumption, increase urban and rural residents, especially low-income peoplesincome, consumption continues to grow, continue to upgrade the structure. Implementation ofthe new two-year investment plan of 4 trillion yuan, of which the new central governmentinvestment of 118 billion yuan. Affordable housing projects, livelihood projects and socialundertakings in rural areas accounted for 43.7% of investment, innovation, restructuring,energy saving and ecological construction 15.3%, major infrastructure projects accounted for23.6%, 14.8% post-disaster reconstruction. Government investment guidance leading to socialinvestment, a substantial increase in domestic demand, external demand makes up the gap, arelatively short time to reverse the decline in economic growth, the first to achieve recovery inthe world for the better, not only to overcome the special difficulties, and effectively protectand improve peoples livelihood, but also to lay a solid foundation for long-term development. (B) the unrelenting success of the "three rural" work to consolidate and strengthen theagricultural base. The central government "three rural" into a total of nearly 3 trillion yuan, anaverage annual increase of more than 23%. Complete abolition of agricultural taxes and variousfees, ending a history of peasant farming tax year to reduce the burden on peasants more than133.5 billion yuan. The establishment of subsidies to grain farmers and the main producingareas of interest compensation mechanism, the production subsidies to farmers reached 122.6billion yuan last year. Implementation of key grain varieties temporary storage and theminimum purchase price policy of wheat, the minimum purchase price of rice increased by 25%to 40%. Strict protection of cultivated land. Efforts to promote agricultural science andtechnology. Record high grain output last year reached 546.41 million tons, production for 4. seven consecutive years; rural per capita net income reached 5,919 yuan, to achieve sustainedrapid growth. Steady progress in comprehensive rural reform, the reform of collective forestright system, the state-owned farm management system comprehensively. Accelerateagricultural and rural infrastructure construction, completed 7356 and focus of small andmedium-sized reservoir reinforcement, 215 million rural population, safe drinking water tosolve the problem, the days become better farmers, rural development has entered a new era. (C) vigorously promote the economic structural adjustment, improve quality and efficiency ofeconomic growth. First, accelerate industrial restructuring and innovation. Actively promotethe technological upgrading of enterprises and mergers and acquisitions, general equipmentmanufacturing industry, particularly the level and competitiveness has improved significantly.Strategic and emerging industries grew rapidly. Accelerate the construction of nationalinnovation systems, knowledge innovation engineering and technological innovation projects,the development of much-needed breakthrough in a number of cutting-edge technologyindustry, the core technology and key equipment and technology, a large number of scientificresearch to achieve the industrialization. The rapid development of services in GDP accountedfor 2.5 percentage points. Significantly speed up infrastructure construction, built five years16,000 km of new railway lines, new highways 639,000 km, 33,000 km of expressways, newconstruction, renovation and expansion of the airport 33, the new and reinforcedembankments 17,000 km. Second, the solid to promote energy conservation, ecologicalconstruction and environmental protection. By 2020, Chinas actions to control greenhouse gasemissions targets and policy measures, developed and implemented a comprehensive energyconservation program of work. Develop clean energy, new power generation capacity 445million kilowatts, of which 96.01 million kilowatts hydropower, nuclear power 3.84 millionkilowatts. Shutting down small thermal power 72.1 million kilowatts, eliminating a number ofoutdated coal, steel, cement, coke production capacity. Promote the key forestry ecologicalconstruction, the completion of 25.29 million hectares planted. Comprehensive control of soilerosion area of 230,000 square kilometers, the strengthening of key water pollution control, airpollution control and industrial "three wastes" treatment. Vigorously develop the circulareconomy. Five-year total, the unit GDP energy consumption fell 19.1%, chemical oxygendemand and sulfur dioxide emissions decreased by 12.45%, 14.29%. The third is to promoteregional economic development. Implement the overall strategy of regional development,promulgation and implementation of national plans of the main functional areas to developthe western region to develop new guidance and a series of ten regional development plan,launched to promote the four provinces of Tibet and the Tibetan and Xinjiang ethnicleap-forward development of new regional initiatives. Accelerated development of theMidwest and Northeast, and other major indicators of economic growth than the nationalaverage; the eastern region to optimize the economic structure, innovation andcompetitiveness gradually increase; regions tend to narrow the gap between basic publicservices, distinctive regional development begun to take shape. (D) of firm deepen reform and opening, to enhance the inherent vitality of economic andsocial development. Gradually improve the fiscal transfer payment system, county-level basicfinancial guarantee mechanism was established. Full implementation of VAT, oil prices and the 5. smooth progress


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