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  • Emei Shan is the highest of China's four holy Buddhist mountains, rising 3099m above sea level about 170 km from Chengdu. Buddhists believe the mountain is home to Samantabhadra - patron of the Lotus Sutra and Boddhisattva of Pervading Goodness

  • The first temple erected on the mountain was built during Han dynastyDuring the Ming and Qing dynasties, Emei Shan became one of China's most important centers of BuddhismMany of its 100 temples fell into disrepair after the fall of the Qing dynasty, but since 1976, much has been done to restore past glory

  • If the weather cooperates, the vista is divine at 3077m high Golden Peak (Jin Ding)The highest point of Emei Shan is the Ten Thousands Buddha Summit at 3099m, a monorail can take you there from Golden Peak

  • The Sea of Clouds

  • Photo imagery:Simona icrea

    Arrangement:Sanda FoioreanuPeter Kater & Nawang Khechog The Dance Of Innocents - Fresh Wind