children’s drawings and poems from terezin concentration camp 1942-1944

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I Never saw another butterfly

I Never saw another butterflyChildrens Drawings and Poems from Terezin Concentration Camp1942-1944

Of the 15,000 children deported from this camp to Auschwitz only 100 survived- NONE under the age of 14

More than 4,000 drawing have been found. Teachers secretly schooled the children

Drawn by Erika Taussig 10 years old

DIED Auschwitz- October 16, 1944Drawn by Frantisek Brozan- 10 years old

DIEDAuschwitz- December 15, 1943Painted by Eva Bu 12 years old

DIEDAuschwitz- October 4, 1944

Terezin Barracks by Sonja Waldsteinova 17 yrs. old

She returned to Prague after the liberation

Josef Bauml- born March 13, 1931

DIEDAuschwitz- October 12, 1944

Poem written by Franta Bass -He died at Auschwitz at the age of 14

Painting by Hana. She perished at Auschwitz- age 13 Drawing by Petr- died at the age of 14Poem by Miroslav Kosek- died at the age of 13

Hans Weinberg

Born -August 18, 1931

Killed-December 15,1943Labor Brigades

By, Josef NovakKilled at Auschwitz- 13 years old

Terezin by Ruth Schachterovakilled 14 years old

Helga Weissova was deported to Terazin at the age of 12. She was too old for the classes, so she drew on her own. She was sent to Auschwitz when she was 16 and survived the war.


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