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Book your tours of Chicago with Chance Tours. Chicago Custom Sightseeing Tours with your personal guide at Chance Tours.


<ul><li> 1. Chicago Custom Sightseeing ToursWelcome to Chance Executive Tours LLC. Are you a busy executive with frequent travel to Chicago? Does your business take you to Russia? Dont you wish there was a way to fill your free hours with a custom city tour regardless of time of day? Were your chance to see as much as you can even with limited availability in your schedule. Our company owners are well travelled. Unable to find a similar service in cities we have been to, we decided to turn this opportunity into a business and were glad we did. Chance Executive Tours LLC specializes in custom sightseeing tours for business executives &amp; their families in the following cities &amp; regions: Chicago, IL, USA Moscow, Russia St. Petersburg, Russia </li></ul> <p> 2. Kamchatka, Russia Lake Baikal, Russia Rural RussiaWe differentiate ourselves from mass tour operators by expertise &amp; first-hand knowledge about the cities and regions we specialize in. We have actually been there and either lived there or visited on multiple occasions, so our recommendations are best in class! Our services eliminate the need to research local landmarks, hours of operation, directions and fear of the unknown. So, enjoy your business trip and leave the sightseeing component up to us. 3. For more details please visit our website@ </p>