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DeclarationMyself, undersigned Miss. Chetna Patel, first year student of Shrimad Rajchandra Institute of Management & Computer Application, Bardoli, affiliated to Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat declare that report on DETERMINATION OF RETAIL PETRONAGE is my own work. The survey was carried out by me as a part of summer training in the company for being evaluated for the MBA degree.

Place: Date: _______________ Chetna Patel

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTThis Project work is written in accordance with the Master of Business Administration course prescribed by Veer Narmad South Gujarat University for 8 weeks project work. A project of this nature involves the support of many people. I believe that would be lacking in my duty if I do not express my sincere gratitude to them. I am great thankful to the management of Dhiraj Sons Mega Store Pvt, Ltd, Surat for allowing me to take training at their organization and giving all possible help and guidance during the training period. I am heartily thankful to Mrs. Deepa Guar for granting permission. I am especially thankful to our external Guide Miss Krishna lagdhdir and Miss Mansi, for giving relevant and necessary guidance. I am all thankful to all the officers for giving me warm support & providing me necessary information and I am also thankful to the customer of Dhiraj Sons Mega Store Pvt, Ltd, Surat for giving necessary information and filling questionnaire. With all sincerity, I would like to express my gratitude to our Director Dr. Bankim Patel. For giving an opportunity to undergo Corporate Exposure and learning at Dhiraj sons mega store Pvt ltd. And I would like to express my deep sense of gratitude to my project guide Mr. Bhavesh Vanpariya, without his guidance this project would not be made the way in which it is. I am very thankful to him for his constant support and valuable guidance. I am indebted to my family and friends for their kindly cooperation.

Chetna Patel

EXECUTIVE SUMMARYPurpose: To study Determination of Retail Patronage First I studied on general information of the Dhiraj Sons Mega Store Pvt Ltd, Surat then I selected special project on the Determination of retail Patronage of the Dhiraj Sons Mega Store Pvt Ltd, Surat. The project report includes the information regarding the Industry profile, Retail profile & Dhiraj Sons Mega Store Pvt Ltd, Surat. It also gives details of the research methodology, Data analysis & interpretation, conclusion & suggestion for to make Dhiraj sons mega store Pvt ltd, a most preferred destination in Surat for shopping and increase purchase frequency. CONTENT OF THEORY: (LITERATURE REVIEW) To Study the above topic I refer the research paper & book of Retail management. First I learn about the meaning of the Retail Patronage. With the help of the Research paper on Determination of retail patronage by J. Patrick Kelly, Brigham Young University and Scott M. Smith, Brigham Young University. I carried out this research and it measures the Qualitative evaluation of the store and also includes criteria which important for the customer while taking purchase decision. Two scenarios currently dominate retail growth strategy formulation. Each scenario focuses on location or store attribute dimensions. So Qualitative evaluation of the store this alternatively improvement in the quality and variety of merchandise, speed of service and courtesy of employees within the existing stores could be improved. The distance to a store and store attribute have a strong influence on the probability of purchasing at a giver store location. Higher the distances lower the purchase frequency using this approach market potential could be

determined however the other attribute can mediate the willingness to purchase at a given store. SERVICE INDUSTRY PROFILE: The service industry includes the retail industry. To understand the retail scenario, there is need to understand about service sector. Service Sector in India today accounts for more than half of India's GDP. According to data for the financial year 2006-2007, the share of services in India's GDP is 55.1%. The various sectors that combine together to constitute service industry in India are Trade, Hotels and Restaurants, Railways, Other Transport & Storage, Communication (Post, Telecom), Banking, Insurance, Dwellings, Real Estate, Business Services, Public Administration; Defense, Personal Services Community Services, Retail. The boom in the services sector has been relatively "jobless". The rise in services share in GDP has not accompanied by proportionate increase in the sector's share of national employment. The services sector will be the top employer in India, while the public administration and education sector is to hire the lowest number of employees. Overall, though, the Manpower Employment Outlook Survey, says Indian employers are anticipating a stronger third quarter employment outlook, compared with their counterparts in the Asia Pacific region. COMPANY PROFILE: Retail industry in India is at the crossroads. Retail is an Indias largest industry, accounting for over 10% of countrys GDP & around 8% of the employment. It has emerged as one of the most dynamics & fast paced industry with several players entering the market. But because of the heavy investments required, breakeven difficult to achieve & many of these players have not tested success so far.

Retailing in India is gradually inching its way toward becoming the next boom industry. The whole concept of shopping has altered in terms of format & customer buying behavior, Ushering in a revaluation in shopping in India. Modern Retail has entered India as seen in sprawling shopping center, multi store Malls &huge complexes offer shopping, Entertainment & food all under one roof. ABOUT DHIRAJ SONS MEGA STORE PVT LTD, SURAT: Dhiraj Sons Mega Store Pvt. Ltd is a corporate group comprising of a business activity firms like Mega Store, Super Store, Music Shop, Card Shop, Toy Shop and now Fashion World. Dhiraj Sons is in business since last 62 years, starting off with doing small business in Grocery and Kirana shop in posh area of Athwalines, Surat. It was the first to start a Family General Store in 1947, namely R. Dhiraj Modi. It ventured into a Departmental Store Dhiraj Sons in 1984. It became a pioneer in introducing for the first time in Gujarat the self service system and online computerized billing system. Continuing with the successful progress march. In 29-04-2000, had been inaugurated Dhiraj sons mega store at Chowpatty, a 15,000 square feet shopping store. A complete 'shop entertainment' environment kind of store. The project report gives details of the research methodology, Data analysis & interpretation, findings, conclusion & suggestion to improve the service performance & consumers perception. The research methodoly include the problem definition, research objectives & tools for measuring the research problems. The problem definition of the study is listed below. Mgt Decision Problem: How to improve the quality and variety or merchandise, speed of service, and courtesy of employees within the existing stores and how to increase purchase frequency? Mgt Research Problem:

How to make Dhiraj sons mega store Pvt ltd a most preferred destination and a one stop shop. 1> Whether the distance is the importance in purchase

frequency? 2> What are the stores attribute that are important predictor of purchase frequency? 3> Which store attribute is most important predictor of purchase frequency? 4> What are the various features looked for in a good shopping mall by people visiting it? 5> What are the features that are lacking in Dhiraj sons according to the people visiting it? Primary objectives: To study the determinant of retail patronage and test it as alternative predictor of purchase frequency. To find out the ways to make Dhiraj sons mega store Pvt ltd a most preferred destination and a one stop shop. Secondary objectives: To know the dimension of retail patronage. To know the purchase frequency by importance of distance. To know the importance of store attribute with respect to purchase frequency. To measure the overall qualitative evaluation of the store. To know the most important store attribute predictor in purchase frequency. To know the various features looked for in a good shopping mall by people visiting it. To know the features that are lacking in Dhiraj Sons according to the people visiting it.

The research design is descriptive. Sampling design is Nonprobability & sampling method is convenience sampling because of time & money constraints. For the sampling I selected different branches of Dhiraj Sons mega Store Pvt Ltd, to get the views of different respondents about the store qualitative information. There are 200 customers of store are surveyed of the 4 stores For this I conducted method of survey and the primary data is collected, In primary data, the data was collected through questionnaire & personal interview of the customers of Dhiraj Sons, Patrons reported a variety of information included in questionnaire. Secondary data includes the Books & Website. For the analysis purpose SPSS software is use for analysis and interpretation of data, we have used Central tendency, One Sample t-test, Factor Analysis, Correlation, and Cross Tab & Chi-Square Test with the help of SPSS Software. The findings can be summed up, All together 69%of Responders visit Dhiraj sons Once in a week and 30% customers are visit the Dhiraj sons once in a month and only 1% cus