chennai ias academy sharmila created history by becoming india's first transgender lawyer sharmila,

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    Current Affairs For TNPSC Examinations

    JULY 2018


    1. TAMILNADU 03 - 05

    2. NATIONAL 05 – 35

    3. INTERNATIONAL 36 – 42



    42 - 45

    5. AWARDS 45 - 48



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    7. BOOKS AND AUTHORS 53 - 53

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    9. IMPORTANT DAYS 59 - 61

    10. PRACTICE QUESTIONS 61 - 76

  • CHENNAI IAS ACADEMY – 9043 2113 11/411


    TAMIL NADU  The climate change is the main factor that threatening the Nilgiri tahr according to

     recent study published by international journal Ecological Engineering. There are only around 2,500 Nilgiri Tahrs left in

    the wild and their population is small and

    isolated. In 2030‘s , it is estimated that

    endangered wild goat could lose approximately

    60% of its habitat. Nilgiri tahr is the state animal

    of Tamil Nadu. It is endemic to Western Ghats

    from the Nilgiris to Kanyakumari. IUCN in its

    red data book has classified it as Endangered

    (number fewer than 2,500 mature individuals).

     Thiru Ramasaamy Padatchiyar. Tamil Nadu State Government announced birth

    anniversary of freedom fighter Thiru Ramasaamy

    Padatchiyar as State Celebration

     Tamil Nadu Lokayukta Bill 2018 Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly finally passed

    the Tamil Nadu Lokayukta act 2018 through

    voice vote.

    The Act would look into graft charges against

    government Servants including current and

    former elected representatives (including Chief

    Ministers and Cabinet Ministers).

    Features of Act:

    Lokayukta consists of Chairperson and four


    Chairperson would be current or former judge of

    High Court or person with 25 years of experience

    in any field in anti-corruption policy, public

    administration, vigilance, finance and law.

    Chairperson and Member will be appointed by

    Governor by recommendation of the selection

    committee comprising the Chief Minister,

    Assembly Speaker, opposition leader of


    Local administration and government

    contracts do not comes under the purview of


    Chairperson or members will be removed by

    order of Governor.

     India's first transgender lawyer Sathyasri Sharmila created history by becoming India's

    first transgender lawyer Sharmila, who hails

    from Tamil Nadu, enrolled her name in the

    Bar Council Of Tamil Nadu And Puducherry

    and became the first transgender lawyer in

    India. On a related note, the Rajasthan Police

    had appointed Ganga Kumari, its first

    transgender constable, last year, after the state

    High Court‘s directive. Meanwhile, West

    Bengal‘s Joyita Mondal was appointed the

    Lok Adalat judge of Islampur in North

    Dinajpur district, thus giving India its first

    transgender judge.

  • CHENNAI IAS ACADEMY – 9043 2113 11/411


     Private Universities in Tamilnadu

    Two bills adopting the establishment of Shiv

    Nadar Univesity and Sai University were

    passed in the Tamilnadu assembly.

    Shiv Nadar University would be established

    by SSN Trust of Industrialist Shiv Nadar

    Sai University is the backed by NASSCOM

    founder – mentor K.V.Ramani.

    As per the provisions of the two bills adopted

    in the assembly, the two universities will be

    self- financing institutions and would be

    allowed to establish constituent colleges,

    regional centres, and additional campuses and

    study centres.

    The decision of the TN Government to establish

    two private universities assumes significance as

    there are currently no private universities in the

    state. The state government took over the control

    of Annamalai University, a reputed private

    university in 2013. However, there is any number

    of deemed universities in the state.

    The universities ―shall reserve 35% of seats in each

    course of study for resident students of Tamil

    Nadu‖ and this shall be made following the

    communal reservation as per law in force.

     Father‘s name in Birth Certificate The Madras High Court has ruled that there is no

    legal obligation on the part of a mother to disclose

    the name of the father at the time of registering her

    child‘s birth.

    The judgement is aimed to benefit single mothers

    and those going in for intrauterine insemination.

    It is sufficient for her to file a sworn affidavit that

    the child was born from her womb.

     Fossil Museum - Ariyalur The fossil museum at Varanavasi near Ariyalur

    town is set to open.

    The 100-acre museum will showcase the natural

    formation of rocks that provide evidence of the

    existence of dinosaurs and other associated

    reptilians in the Ariyalur region

     Upgradation of 7 monuments in Tamil Nadu The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has

    planned to upgrade infrastructural and tourist-

    friendly facilities at seven sites, which are

    approved under Adarsh Smarak Scheme for

    Conservation of Monuments, in Tamil Nadu.

    The Adarsh Monuments proposed to be upgraded

    by the Ministry of Culture include Shore Temple

    Mamallapuram ,Gingee Fort,Kailasanathar Temple

    Kanchipuram Brihadeeswarar Temple Thanjavur

    Sithannavasal caves,Vellore Fort,Moovar


     Tamil Nadu‘s forest policy unveiled Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Edappadi K.

    Palaniswami released the State‘s forest policy The

    norms stipulated by the Forest (Conservation) Act,

  • CHENNAI IAS ACADEMY – 9043 2113 11/411


    1980, would be strictly enforced to preserve the

    existing forest cover for ecological security.

    The Forest Department would also develop

    mangroves in the state as 'bio-shield' along the

    coast. The policy also looks to increase forest and

    tree cover to at least 30% by 2025 and enhance

    participation of women in village forest

    committees(VFCs).Tamil Nadu has about 30.92%

    of the forest declared as 'protected areas' and has

    15 wildlife sanctuaries,five National parks,15 bird

    sanctuaries,3 biosphere reserves,four project tiger


     Definition of hydrocarbon amended

    Union Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas has

    amended Petroleum and Natural Gas Rules 1959 to

    include shale in the definition of petroleum.This

    change will allow private companies to explore

    and produce the resource in the blocks they already


    Earlier, definition excluded shale and therefore

    barred companies from exploiting it from fields

    that are producing conventional oil and gas or coal-

    bed methane.Shale is distinguished from other

    mudstones due to laminated and fissile nature.

    Shale gas is natural gas formed from being trapped

    within shale formations.Shale gas is cheaper than

    natural gas,releases 50% less CO2,hence better

    source for generating electricity. In India, potential

    shale gas sites are Cambay, Gondwana, Krishna-

    Godavari and Cauvery Basins.


     The 9th Heads of Mission Conference inaugurated by External Affairs Minister

    Sushma Swaraj was held in New Delhi from

    June 30-July 2, 2018.

    The theme of three-day annual conference was

    ‗Unprecedented Outreach: Unparalleled


     Four cultural sites namely Victorian Gothic and Art Deco Ensemble of Mumbai (India),

    Sassanid Archaeological Landscape of Fars

    region (Iran), Hidden Christian Sites in

    Nagasaki Region (Japan) and Sansa, Buddhist

    Mountain Monasteries in Korea (South Korea)

    has inscribed on the World Heritage List

  • CHENNAI IAS ACADEMY – 9043 2113 11/411


    At the 42nd session of World Heritage

    Committee (WHC) meeting of United Nations

    Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

    (UNESCO) held in Manama,Bahrain.

     As per the provision of bilateral agreement on consular access signed between both countries

    in May 2008, India and Pakistan have

    exchanged lists of civilian prisoners and

    fishermen lodged in each other‘s jails.

    In the latest exchange, Pakistan has shared with

    India list of 53 civilian prisoners and 418

    fishermen in its custody, who are Indians or

    believed to be Indians. India handed over to

    Pakistan list of 249 civilian prisoners and 108

    fishermen from Pakistan lodged in Indian ja