Chemistary's presentation on global warming ;)

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  • 1.What is global warming? Global warming is a naturalphenomenon, and there isnothing realistic that mankind can do to significantly change theglobal temperature. BeforeAfter

2. How Global Warming Works Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas) 3. Example of the Greenhouse Effect The Suns energy passes through the cars windshield.This energy (heat)is trapped insidethe car and cannotpass back throughthe windshield,causing the insideof the car to warmup. 4. Sun Greenhouse Effect 5. NaturalAtmosphere EnhancedGreenhouse has more Greenhouse greenhouseeffect gases effectHeat radiatesHeat radiatesfrom the earth from the earthSome heatLess heatgoes out togoes outspaceto spaceAtmosphere trapsAtmosphere trapssome heatmore heatQuite a lot of heatMore heat isis trapped and the trapped andearth is warmcauses globalenough for life. warming 6. Earths Atmospheric GasesNitrogen (N2)Non-Oxygen (O2)Greenhouse >99% GasesArgon (Ar)Water (H2O) GreenhouseCarbon Dioxide (CO2)